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thor deluxe figure series 01 blaster armor thor thor (2011 movie) figures

thor deluxe figure series 01 blaster armor thor thor (2011 movie) figures

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An Asgardian as strong as Thor needs weapons just as powerful. Along with his mighty hammer, Thors missile-launching armor repels all who come to harm the city of Asgard. No enemy can escape the blast of Thors speeding missiles!

Even the very toughest opponents are no match for you and your Deluxe Blaster Armor Thor figure! When villains rear their ugly heads, engage them in hand-to-hand combat with your mighty fighter. Then, when your enemy is least expecting it, unleash your figures dual-missile blast! With that kind of firepower, youre sure to win this fight!

Figure comes with accessories. Product Number: HAS19938
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