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Over the past few years, Glyos figures have really become popular, and 2009 really seems to be the watershed year for Onell Design, what with the release of the Buildmen, Phase Arms, Custom Corp figures, and of course, the Armodoc, it's no wonder that these figures are selling out in almost less than a day now.

One of the most recent figures done by Onell Design comes from their sister company, Rawshark and Jesse Moore over at www.callgrim.com, and as the name implies this figure is known as Callgrim.



Callgrim is a much larger figure than any of the Pheyden or Buildman figures, and has whopping 27 pieces. He stands about a Pheyden-head taller than other figures at about 3.5 "and is much more proportional to the human body, while the other Glyos figures tend to be have a more deformed and cute aesthetic to them.



Callgrim comes equipped with a backpack and several long pieces. These are Callgrim's guns which he dual-wields in fantastic fashion. Every complaint that Glyos figures do not have enough weapons has been solved with this figure. There are multiple configurations and shapes that enable many different types of guns to be made to your trigger happy heart's content.


On the bottom of his backpack is an extra head, much like the Buildman figures. The sculpt is for the other figure that was released with Callgrim, The Order. This extra head actually caught my eye initially. It very much has a space bounty hunter sort of feel to it. However something that I found was that the front visor piece was actually slightly off center. The right half is much larger than the left and initially bothered me. However it's very small detail and quite frankly I do not even notice it anymore honestly. < / p>


In addition to the usual Glyos figure articulation, Callgrim has an additional point of articulation at his legs, arms, and his head. These extra joints really help to increase the poseability of Callgrim, allowing him to strike very dynamic poses with him aiming and firing his guns.


So in terms of a figure , Callgrim is pretty awesome. He had more articulation than the past Glyos figures and has a much darker, more brooding image behind him in comparison. But some people may want Callgrim for other purposes as well. In addition to being a fantastic figure, Callgrim also has many additional pieces to use in customizing. He comes with four different types of standard male-to-male pieces along with two additional tonfa-shaped pieces. There's a lot you can do with the Callgrim's parts, whether it's making a rocket launcher , a machine gun, or just buffing up your regular Glyos figures.


Callgrim is great figure both stand alone and as a building toy as well. I would recommend picking one up if you are a fan of Glyos figures or toys in general. Only problem being ... he's sold out now. However this version of Callgrim will be returning soon according to Jesse within a few months, along with additional colors and versions, so be sure to keep an eye out for this guy, because he's fantastic.


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