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ths02 hybrid style g1 convoy transformers hybrid style hybrid style

ths02 hybrid style g1 convoy transformers hybrid style hybrid style

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The Hybrid Convoy figure is set in the Gen 1 style but with much greater articulation. His chest housing divides and opens to reveal the Matrix. His hands are interchangeable among a series of surplus appendages. His articulation is on par with the larger-scaled Masterpiece Convoy. He comes equipped with his classic-style gun. Also included are an Autobot emblem base and a mount bracket to assist him in any number of display poses. Additionally, the fully functional trailer retains its classic dual capacity; the mechanical repair bay is well-articulated and comes equipped with loyal Autobot drone, Roller. All and all, this set is extraordinarily elaborate and expansive, one of the most impressive efforts on the Takara front.

Still to this day, the Gen 1 Optimus Prime retains his undisputed heavyweight title as the greatest of the Autobots. Unlike later series, in which Prime seemed vaguely diminished in authority, the Gen 1 Prime was served unquestioningly by Autobots who remained in awe of him. On numerous occasions, Prime delivered epic, well-deserved thrashings to Megatron, both during the original episodes and during the cataclysmic fight at Autobot City in Transformers: The Movie---the latter of which culminated after Prime single-handedly staunched a full-scale Decepticon invasion.

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