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tyrus kilemahl
  • tyrus kilemahl
  • tyrus kilemahl
  • tyrus kilemahl
  • tyrus kilemahl
  • tyrus kilemahl
  • tyrus kilemahl
  • tyrus kilemahl
  • tyrus kilemahl
  • tyrus kilemahl
  • tyrus kilemahl
  • tyrus kilemahl
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  • tyrus kilemahl
  • tyrus kilemahl
  • tyrus kilemahl
  • tyrus kilemahl
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  • tyrus kilemahl
  • tyrus kilemahl
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  • tyrus kilemahl
  • tyrus kilemahl
  • tyrus kilemahl
  • tyrus kilemahl
  • tyrus kilemahl
  • tyrus kilemahl
  • tyrus kilemahl
  • tyrus kilemahl
  • tyrus kilemahl
  • tyrus kilemahl

tyrus kilemahl

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Before we get started, here's a little info on this figure from Triad Toys.

"Since 1994, the United States leads the privatization of the military with over $ 300 billion in defense contracts. One of those private military organizations that prospered during the Gulf Wars were a small defense company called Gunn Industries. Today, Gunn Industries has become the biggest military weapons and equipment manufacturer in the world and houses the best private military contractors the world has come to known But at Gunn Industries, there are secrets that are better left untold

Tyrus Kilemahl:.... Elite Ballistics Support (EBS)
With the highest confirmed killing record of all time, Tyrus Kilemahl has become a celebrity among the armed forces of America. Facing numerous court martial charges for using excessive force as well as civil suits for violence, Tyrus is forced to quit the military despite his willingness to serve the country. Gunn Industries quickly seized the opportunity by creating a new fire support division to be led and trained by Tyrus. Dying for some action, Tyrus quickly joins the Elite Ballistics Support division to provide private support for hot zones when the military units are unable to go beyond their powers . "This sounds like the basis of a great action movie or a crazy first-person shooter video game. It also sounds like the basis for a great figure. Let's check it out.

This review is for the latest 12 "figure from TRIAD TOYS who also supplied us with this figure for review.

His name is Tyrus Kilemahl. Take a look at his last name, it's very fitting. He's 34, born in Tampa, Florida. His preferred weapons are Small Arms Submachine Guns. His combat specialty is Kenpo Karate, CQC, Pancrase Hybrid Grappling. He comes in a nice collectible style box with sturdy cardboard. This is the front and the back graphics .

If you choose, you can keep him in the box and just adore him and his accessories through the window since it comes with a flap and Velcro fasteners.
trays < / p>

But why keep him in the box ?, this figure is meant to be enjoyed outside the box. First thing that jumped out at me was the amount of detail on his outfit. There are a crazy amount of pouches, each one functional and with their own plastic clips and Velcro.

Here is a back view of Tyrus. It's not as busy as the front, but there are still nice little details like holster straps and notice the laces coming down the sides of his vest.

Before we get into the specifics of his outfit, let's check out his sculpt. It's well done and has a very realistic texture to it. He's got a scar running down his face too. His scruff is nicely detailed on his face and sides of his freshly shaven head. Nice touches are the gloss on his lips and eyes which give a nice realistic touch to the figure. Let's not forget that mohawk! It's also been slightly weathered on the sides. In person, you can see a lot more detail that is lost during photography.

" You looking at me, punk? "

The back of his head has an insanely huge tribal tattoo which spans the entire back of his head. The yellow tinge on his head is due to the replicated scruff left after shaving someones head. In person, its not as saturated as it appears in the photo. Again, this is due to the nature of the camera and lighting.

He's got some tattoo action on his arm too. At first I was wishing his skin had a matte finish but the gloss works fine for this figure. Gives him that oily sweaty look. Cleaner seam lines would have been nice although zooming in with a macro shot does not help much.

So let's get back to his outfit which is one of the most striking features of this figure. If I shrunk down to 12 "I would have no problem using this as my outfit. The vest has real pockets and clips, it has real laces and the fabric is top notch. The texture is just right and keeps it looking in scale.

It's also zippered nicely. Although it's almost impossible making a zipper to scale, this one does not deter much from the realistic look and the zipper handle hides quite nicely when the jacket is closed. Here he is showing off the insides of his jacket, wanna buy a watch?

The pants are a dark blue and are also of high quality. But whats really cool is what's strapped to his pants. Here are more pouches to carry gun clips, grenades, Starburst or what have you . Notice the tiny plastic clips that secure and release just like real ones.

They've even got real rivets

On his other leg is where things start getting interesting. He is sporting what looks to be a gun holster ...

That's' cause it is a gun holster which houses this nice little gun. The G4H Custom Pistol.

He would make a good bouncer in a NYC Club.

Not only is Tyrus a tough guy , but he also likes to look cool, so he's got the accessories to make it happen. He's got his gun and a pair of Chrome Blue Tactical sunglasses like all the cool kids wear. I wish I could pose like this for my drivers license.

He's also got a handy Bluetooth Tactical Communication headset device so he can talk to the hunnies or to find out who he's killing next.

"So I was holding this guy with my knife to his throat when all of a sudden ... uh, hold on I got a call, hello ... Take out 75 soldiers no prob "

You can not just go out into the battlefield with some pouches and little gun, you need some more protection. Let's check out his armor bits.

Here's his left arm which is well protected from getting roughed up . His right arm sports the same armor but only the top half.

His knees also get some attention in the form of some tough knee-pads. Notice the plates have a nice weathering to them. Very slight but effective.

He's not keen on getting another scar on his face so he's brought with him some protection for his noggin. Introducing the Ballistics face mask with custom graphics. < br />  

He also rocks a Tactical Knife with Arm Holster on his right forearm.

Ok, so he's well protected from Close Quarter Combat, but aside from that little gun, what can he do to kick butt when his opponents are not so close? That's where the big toys come into play. Say hello to my little friend, the ATAC Modular Submachine Gun.

In this shot you'll notice his right arm has the Tactical Knife with arm holster.

So what's so" Modular "about the ATAC you say ? Let's take a look-see.


The Tyrus Kilemahl 12 Inch Figure includes the following items:

- 1 Tyrus headsculpt on the Caucasian Omega Body

-. 1 Chrome Blue Tactical Sunglasses

- 1 Black Sleeveless Shirt

- 1 Blue BDU Pants

- 1 Pair Tactical Knee Pads

- 1 Pair Tactical Boots

- 1 Pair Tactical Gloved Hands

- 1 Tactical Pants Belt

- 1 Pair Tactical Shoulder Armor with Flexi-Grip Pads

- 1 Tactical Elbow Armor with Flexi-Grip Pads

- 1 Tactical Knife and Arm Holster

- 1 G4H Custom Pistol with Side Leg Holster

- 1 Left Leg Drop Pouch with Functional Pockets and Buckle Straps

- 1 Modular Weapons Vest with Removable Pouches

- 1 Bluetooth Tactical Communications Headset

- 1 ATAC Modular Submachine Gun

- 1 Ballistics Face Mask

This being my first experience with Triad Toys , turned out to be a really good one. The figure has a lot of detail and much more affordable than other high end 12 "figures. My only concern was that the figure did not include Real Metal Earrings as stated on the literature and their website . Hopefully It is only just missing on my figure because it's a really cool detail. As with most 12 "collector figures, details are tiny and fragile if you are not careful. Their Guns 4 Hire (G4H) lineup looks like it will be a big hit. Even my wife has got her eye on the Lola figure which also looks really cool especially if you dig scantily clad blondes with big ... guns. Check out the Guns 4 Hire lineup and more at TRIAD TOYS . They have basic figure bodies to make your own customs or you can pick up any of their other awesome figures to play and display.

He just loves to look cool. Who can blame him?

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