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mantide nera

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Until Josh did his "reviews in haiku" vinyls reviews, I was sure that this review would probably take the record for shortest review ever. Reason being that I have already reviewed this toy before . and this is simply a box variation However, since the toy is made by a different company, I wanted to get a separate review up so that the database will be more complete  Mantide Nera

If this toy looks familiar, it should. It is exactly the same as the Robot From Outer Space toy made by Al-Es. However, this version was made by "New Gio. Co." (whom I'd formerly referred to as simply "GC" due to the logo on their boxes) and is from a series of toys called "Robot Serie Dragon".  Mantide Nera

" Robot Serie Dragon "seems like an important series in the history of junior machinders, as many .? of these toys, on the surface at least, seem to originate in this line So, what other toys are in this line Well, although the box front shows only 2 robots, each side of the box shows 2 robots They are.: Dragone Giallo (Combattler V) Falco Rosso (Atoranger) Aquila Nera (Great Mazinger) Mantide Nera (Daikengo)  Mantide Nera

The bottom of the box has a checklist presumably telling you what robot is inside (although mine was never checked).  Mantide Nera

So, not only was" Mantide Nera "re-released at" Robot From Outer Space ", but" Dragone Giallo "and" Falco Rosso "were both re-released under the name Space Hero by SMC! Furthermore , this old article on CJT tells of a version of this box with only two characters and one is a Robo Kress called "Kondor Bleu"! So right here in one line we have many of the toys that were released all under one banner. And while I certainly have no facts to support the notion, it seems at least possible to me that this may have been the line that jump started the whole genre. What say you?

Oh and by the way, while this review has obviously grown longer than anticipated, fear not. I've still got one coming up later that will be stupidly short!

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