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I have played the various Mega Man games far too many times. There was a time when I was proud to own all six original games for the NES. Such was my life.

Kotobukiya continues to be on a roll with their model kits. They decided to use their Hoihoi-san experience in making something a little more mainstream hence the creation of their Mega Man kits. Following Mega Man and Proto Man came their sister Roll.

Roll was a very pleasant building experience. I was able to put her together in about an hour using only a fingernail clipper. The resulting kit is everything you can expect from a small plastic Roll. < / p>


By default, the instructions have you build Roll in her Mega Man 8 incarnation


One nice thing about Kotobukiya kits is the number of pre-painted parts. On Roll the small purple buttons on her upper dress and cuffs are pre-painted. The bow in her hair is also a white piece of plastic painted green. All the details on her face and eyes come pre-tampographed.


Roll has very basic articulation in her arms, legs, and body. Still, she is very chipper and expressive.


And she can dance.


Roll comes with three faces. The first is a smiling face you saw in the previous pics and the second is a winking face. This face has its own white backing plate with only one eye.


Roll's third face is a confused look that coupled with the blank eye plate can be used to create a nightmarish visage. The blank plate is supposed to be customized with the included water slide decals, but since only wizards know how those work I have chosen to leave that piece blank.


< p> Converting Roll to her classic look in Mega Man 1-7 is simply of matter of removing the white part of her dress and swapping her arms, lower legs, and front hair piece.


Classic Roll features the same articulation as before.


She's actually balanced enough to stand on one leg.


Here's the confused face with normal eyes.


" I love you this much! "

Overall Roll is a fun little model kit. She's fun as a standalone figure or as a companion to the Mega Man kit. The ability to display her in two different outfits is a nice touch. And because this is a Japanese figure, she does have little molded white panties. Oh Japan, don 't ever change.

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