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lu grams sky walkersxwingfig ht and withr2d2
  • lu grams sky walkersxwingfig ht and withr2d2
  • lu grams sky walkersxwingfig ht and withr2d2
  • lu grams sky walkersxwingfig ht and withr2d2

lu grams sky walkersxwingfig ht and withr2d2

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Incom Corporation's T-65 X-wing Space Superiority Starfighter was made famous by pilot, Luke Skywalker during the Battle of Yavin. Luke bravely piloted the X-wing into the Death Star's trench while being pursued by Darth Vader's Advanced X1 TIE fighter and two regular TIE fighters. Luke was able to make the direct hit to the Death Star's vulnerable exhaust port without using the X-wing's advanced targeting computer, Luke trusted himself and used the force to deal the fatal blow.

Today I will be reviewing Hasbro's Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back 2002 release of the X-wing fighter. Hasbro's version of the X-wing is larger, greater detailed and more accurate to the movie than the original Kenner version.

Hasbro's has packaged this version in a window box. is it just me or do other people wish that Hasbro would just pick one style of packaging? Anyways, the box lets you get a good view of the detailed X-wing inside.

Removing the X-wing from the box and assembling the wings with outboard laser canons is a snap. Once assembled the ships plastic construction feels very sturdy and has good heft.

As you can see in the next few pictures, I kinda went a little overboard with the weathering detail. I do not remember the X-wing being that dirty looking ... do you? Another pet peeve of mine about the X-wing's design and not this toy, is that the rear landing gear .... Just how does it retract to the same space as the lower engines? hhhmmm?

At the rear of the ship you will locate the lever that activates the wing opening feature that gives the X-wing its namesake.
SS851562 < br>

The next two photo's show the nicely detailed X-wing cockpit.

The last two photo's show the astromech socket and the included R2-D2 riding in the socket. I'm not going to include a review on the R2 unit because its a very basic figure with no special features to speak of.

To conclude, I like this version of the X-wing and feel it is the best representation of this ship in toy form to date. My only gripe is the excessive weathering detail. It is just to overboard in my opinion. Less is more Hasbro.

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