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"Laifu mold play comment" to share pictures occasionally have to write some original soft --- machine insect bomb
  • "Laifu mold play comment" to share pictures occasionally have to write some original soft --- machine insect bomb

"Laifu mold play comment" to share pictures occasionally have to write some original soft --- machine insect bomb


Insect machine team, I have seen Transformers G1 animation, played Transformers toys, they are no strangers, so blessing here not to repeat the introduction of the origin of these three little guys it! But had to chat is that the official three machines insects, be regarded as parallel universe, cross-border! Why do you say that? Careful fans may find that the three official commanders of the machine insects, respectively, from the IDW toy line; combination of war toy line; Titan return toy line. So today and chat with everyone, that is only from the combination of war toy line machine insect bomb ---! Start with the insect form. The blessing bombs, seems to be "factory goods", so the details of the point of view, painting is a bit sloppy, not as good as the 3C version. But overall, the purple and yellow metal signboards make the bombs very animated. The two antennas at the rear end are specially designed to be extended according to the instructions of the deformation method. In fact, these two things can be stored and hidden by folding downwards, and since the toe of the insect is movable Play a certain degree of support and increase the role, so even if the tail of the two antennas housed back, insects or can guarantee that all feet have a stable standing! In the worm-shaped state, the bombs six legs are individually movable, but the movable joint is limited to the root up and down, the other joints do not provide mobility. The antennae in front of the head can also swing up and down, but can not swing around. The last is the two antennas of the tail mentioned above, which can be upright or folded 90 degrees down to hide. The entire toy in the worm-shaped state, for the humanoid storage and hiding is quite good. Even if the insects turn upside down, and will not see a lot of obvious humanoid part, this point is very worthy of recognition! Due to the small size of the entire toy, so the deformation of the structure is relatively simple. Only 7 steps of deformation, you can turn this bug into a human form! Humanoid bomb, the reduction of the animation is still not low. However, due to size restrictions. There will also be some regrettable places, such as the excessive exposure of insects, simple design of the arm and fist. As well as the overhead antenna can no longer be folded forward under human form. Came to the back of the toy, the overall look is mixed, it is certain that the back of the upper body, the robot portrayed for the details of the details! Some eye-catching nature is the leg of the stolen plastic, but think of this size, and the deformation needs, it can be relieved! Piggybacking mention, the two leg legs on the back of the leg, can play a very good supporting role, so standing stability can be absolutely assured! The whole toy blessing that the most brilliant, is the first head of this carved, unexpectedly, in such a small size of the toy, the description of head carving, and the color of the grasp will come so carefully. really like! In terms of the mobility of the toy figure, first the head carving was given up by the compromise of the hat and the antenna above. The arm and the arm are connected by a spherical joint, so the mobility in all directions performed well, the wrist fingers can not move. Waist 360 rotation without pressure, the thigh is still a spherical joint. The upper half of the knee with C-type joints, so put the compression within the post, but the real knee due to the deformation needs, want to do knee flexion, and even yoga action no problem. Feet and not ground. But you can adjust the back of the pest to grasp the stability! Size ratio, and the official level D leader soldiers put together, I believe we have a general idea of ??the size of the bomb, right? End of the gossip: soft article is not very good thing to blessing, but when you are free to write something not shared in the video, or the video is not fully introduced clearly toys, only for everyone entertainment! Try hard to buy, healthy collection, I am blessing, thanks for reading! Brand: Hasbro Hasbro Type: Transformers Series: Combat Specifications: Boy Scout Scratch Praised the blessing of the play Review Rating animation Transformers machine insect bombs

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