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gigantic double tomahawk
  • gigantic double tomahawk
  • gigantic double tomahawk
  • gigantic double tomahawk
  • gigantic double tomahawk
  • gigantic double tomahawk
  • gigantic double tomahawk
  • gigantic double tomahawk

gigantic double tomahawk

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The Gigantic Double Tomahawk was available as a premium to people who pre-ordered all three EX-Gokin reissues from Fewture. The Tomahawk was not available for individual sale, and can fetch a pretty penny on the secondary market.


The box is long and thin, but keeps the design aesthetic of the Ex-Gokin boxes. Inside is a clear plastic tray with the parts neatly arranged.


The weapon is only meant to be used with Getter 1, and the set comes with special hands for grabbing the weapon. Aesthetically, the weapon looks to be made up of components from all three Getter robots.


At 16.5 inches tall and 6.5 inches wide, it earns the name "Gigantic". While the robots will fit in your Ikea Detolf display case, the Tomahawk will not. The Tomahawk is made out of several different pieces, and must be assembled prior to use. Despite being all plastic, it has a good weight to it.


The spiral design of the handle allows you to twist the handle through the fists, ensuring a tight grip. Included is a small plastic" cup "that you can rest the bottom of the Tomahawk on , keeping from damaging its sharp point.


Some parts of the Tomahawk are movable, such as Getter 2's Blades.

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The Gigantic Tomahawk has an additional mode - as wings for Getter 1. To use the wings, you must disassemble the blades of the Tomahawk, and remove the topmost medallion from Getter 1's back A special insert piece is included. ..., and a hole cover must be removed from the center section of the weapon The attached wings can move The connection is not the best, but it looks pretty good


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These special parts are a nice treat for those who are able to commit to the full run in advance. In the first run of the EX -Gokin Getters, the premium was a machine gun.

Special thanks to Angolz.com for hooking me up with the complete set and securing the Tomahawk!

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