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gun shoots robot
  • gun shoots robot
  • gun shoots robot
  • gun shoots robot
  • gun shoots robot
  • gun shoots robot
  • gun shoots robot

gun shoots robot

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I've had this toy for a long time and I'm surprised I've never bothered to review it before. It's quite possibly the craziest thing in my collection.

First off, let me assure you, I am not making that name up. If I were to make up a name, I'm sure I could do better than "Gun Shoots Robot". I mean, seriously, they just were not trying when they came up with this. Gun Shoots Robot

The box pretty much tells the whole story. This is a knock-off of Daimos that explodes when you "shoot" it with a light beam from a pistol.

What? You think there's something strange about that?

Then if you're done laughing, we'll continue. ....

So, next let us take a look at the robot itself. The Daimos part of the toy is about 12-13 "tall as I recall (sorry, this thing is stored away for safe keeping as I type) and made entirely . of hard plastic It can not be posed unfortunately You can not even lower those arms Instead, they are constantly stretched outward, eternally seeking a hug and finding only gunshots instead  Gun Shoots Robot  Gun Shoots Robot

The gun that is included just looks like an old fashioned pistol but instead of shooting any kind of projectile, it actually houses a small flashlight. When you focus the beam of it onto a sensor on Daimos, it activates a lever that pushes the top half of the robot upwards. Once clear of the bottom part, the whole thing just falls apart because there was nothing but a peg holding it all together in the first place. Perhaps you'll get a better idea of ??what I'm talking about if you see all the parts separated. Gun Shoots Robot

As you can see above, to assemble Daimos you just place the pegs of the arms and head into the appropriate places in the torso. Then carefully put the two pieces of the torso together and slide the peg on the bottom into a hole on the bottom part of the robot. The opening in the bottom part holds the peg together, which holds the torso together, which holds the arms and head in place. Simple.

Of course, it's really neither fair nor fun if Daimos just stands there and takes your abuse. You have to give him a fighting chance, right? For that, the whole toy features a "bump and go" feature! Just add batteries to a compartment underneath and flip the switch to "on" and the robot will start rolling around until it bumps into something, at which point it'll change direction. So now you have to try to hit that sensor while it's on the move. Good times!  Gun Shoots Robot

So, I know what you're thinking now." Dave, this thing is great! But I NEED a video review! I need to see this toy in action! ".

I feel your pain, I really do. But unfortunately, the gun on my specimen no longer works and I just can not seem to fix it. So the only thing I could possibly show you is the "bump and go" action and we've all seen that before. Sorry ...  Gun Shoots Robot

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