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warrior class optimus prime

warrior class optimus prime

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2015 has been, a year focused mainly on "Transformers Generations", but to cater more towards kids Hasbro has also continued the "Transformers Prime" series with a sequel line under the very original name "Robots in Disguise". This new rendition of the famous Autobot leader takes less visual cues from the movies than in "Transformers Prime", as it is going for a more original design while being more influenced by the art style of the "Transformers Animated" series.

In robot mode, Prime seems big and imposing, but really, he is just average height for a deluxe. He features very large blue shins that, when compared to he small thighs seem even bigger, the same cannot be said for the head though, as it is very well sculpted it's also pretty small. The body is meant to look like the front of the truck, which it does well, but it is hindered a bit by the shoulders which are the actual front. The grill and bumper of the truck mode sits right in front of the fists, which does get annoying and is not helped by the fat that they could've easily just swung back. Overall, this is a pretty good robot mode that looks accurate enough, if a little small when compared to his size in the show.

RID prime

RID prime side

RID prime back

RID prime close

Compared to the Legends class version, this Prime is definitely a lot bigger and more accurate.

RID prime comparison

Articulation in robot mode is fairly standard, often using mushroom pegs for joints instead of pins. The arms move 360 degrees, go fairly outward, bend at the elbow and also features an upper
arm rotation. The move forward and back enough, go all the way out, rotate at the hip, and bend at a 90 degree angle. The head can move side to side and the waist rotates.

RID prime armpose

RID prime leg pose

Prime also includes a small Energon axe weapon, that is very well sculpted and nicely detailed.

RID primeaxe

RID prime axepose

Transformation from robot to truck is simple and satisfying. The arms fold up to form the truck cab, and the legs connect together, and open up to form the trailer.

RID prime transform1

RID prime transform2

RID prime transform3

In truck mode, a red cab complements a permanently attached blue trailer. There are 10 individual wheels are made of black plastic and held on with plastic mushroom pegs that don't roll very well. The truck itself looks good, but it is waaaay too small when compared to other deluxes.


RIDprime truck back

It of course is much bigger than the legends class though!

RID prime truck comparison

The axe from robot mode even stores on the back!

RID prime truckaxe

This new incarnation of Optimus Prime is an average, but fun figure with good articulation, decent paint apps and pretty good sculpting. Not a must have, but if you are willing to spend $15 on it, you wont be disappointed.

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