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jaguar vulcan
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  • jaguar vulcan

jaguar vulcan

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Jaguar Vulcan is the support mecha for the Super Sentai robot Sun Vulcan. If Sunny V looks familiar, it's because he was released in the US in the 80s as part of the Godaikin line.

His bitchin 'smiley ride was not.

This miniature version of Jaguar Vulcan is part of the first series of the Ranger Mechanics Series, which in itself was a subset of Megahouse's Cosmo Fleet Collection.

This set of blind-boxed trading figures replicates the classic ships down to the smallest details.


Included in this set are: Battle Shark (Battle Fever J) Denzi Tiger (Denziman) Bio Dragon (Bioman) Jaguar Vulcan (Sunvulcan)

The set ships in a case of four - if you get a case you are guaranteed to get all four units, plus photo card backdrops. The shipping case also turns into a counter-top display stand, but I imagine most of these are just being sold as sets as mine was, which I got fromHobbyLink Japan.

Jaguar Vulcan is big and bulky, which probably explains why there are no extra parts.

P3143234  P3143235  P3143236

It's main gimmick, the ability to open up and store the support vehicles, is intact. I gotta admit, those grinning teeth get me every time.

 P3143237 P3143238 P3143239 P3143240

Miniature versions of Cosmo Vulcan and Bull Vulcan are included. Why are they silver?

< p> P3143239

An in-Scale Sun Vulcan is included as well.

 P3143241  P3143242  P3143243

As with the others, you can display one of the background photo cards with the toy.


I love the fact that the blue plastic looks and feels like the old brittle blue plastic Popy used to use (without the brittleness).


Get your Cosmo Fleet Collection Ranger Mechanics Series at HobbyLink Japan!

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