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deluxe unicron transformers cybertron deluxe
  • deluxe unicron transformers cybertron deluxe
  • deluxe unicron transformers cybertron deluxe

deluxe unicron transformers cybertron deluxe

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New formula! Now with 80% less Unicron!
Behold the Deluxe Unicron. He took a bath on his last venture, so this time hes starting out a little smaller. Hes got to build up a new fan base. This time hes playing smaller venues. Hes opening for acts like Dio and Yngwie Malmsteen. This time he has decided to attack obliquely. While all the Autobots are busy with the black hole, Unicron is slipping in through the out door. Unfortunately, Unicrons archenemy Primus has been released in the same line, and looks fully capable of eating Deluxe Unicron like a Twinkie, so strategy is the #1 priority.

In both robot and vehicle mode, the big U has an overall crustacean look; colors are primarily grey and orange. The tank is low to the ground, fixed with both frontal treads and rear wheels. The outlying plates are mounted with guns. The grill of the tank carries curved mandibles. The cannon is positioned closer to the center of the tank, alongside Unicrons exposed head. In robot mode he carries the cannon as a shoulder gun. His planet-devouring maw is mounted at his chest plate. Going by the few photos floating around, he looks to have roughly the same level of articulation as his gigantic Armada/Energon counterpart---with the exception of jointed fingers.

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