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Spoons began live as Forklift Robo from the MachineRobo line in 1984. The original Japanese version was all orange and it was not until it became a Gobot that the main body was changed to a cream color The "34" on the chest is a reference to it's MachineRobo number -.. MR-34


In vehicle mode, Spoons is immediately identifiable as a forklift , although its unknown if it's based off of a specific model. The forks on the front are diecast metal, and the lifting action actually works.

 P3290389.jpg  P3290390.jpg  P3290391.jpg  P3290392.jpg P3290393.jpg

Transformation to robot is not as easy as it seems. It sometimes is quite difficult to get the arms out from the body, often resulting in a broken Gobot. Wheels are often loose and can be broken off as well.

P3290395.jpg  P3290396.jpg

Articulation is limited to the arms, and the head can be raised via a lever on the back. Over time, this friction lessens and can make the head descend back into the body easily.


Spoons is a solid little robot. There are some variations, and a ton of bootlegs. Bootlegs are usually all orange (based off the MachineRobo version) and often sport other numbers on the chest.

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