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ultraman tiga sky type
  • ultraman tiga sky type
  • ultraman tiga sky type
  • ultraman tiga sky type
  • ultraman tiga sky type
  • ultraman tiga sky type
  • ultraman tiga sky type
  • ultraman tiga sky type
  • ultraman tiga sky type
  • ultraman tiga sky type
  • ultraman tiga sky type
  • ultraman tiga sky type
  • ultraman tiga sky type
  • ultraman tiga sky type
  • ultraman tiga sky type
  • ultraman tiga sky type

ultraman tiga sky type

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Ultra Act is Bandai's line of six-inch hyper-articulated Ultraman figures, in the same vein as lines like SH Figuarts. Ultraman Tiga is an Ultra series I have not seen yet, so hit up Wikipedia if you're looking for more info on the series . I know it was the 'triumphant return' of Ultraman to television after a long hiatus, and was the first series to feature an Ultra hero with multiple combat modes, represented by multiple costumes It's probably a cool show



< p class = "MsoNormal"> Ultraman Tiga Sky type is, I assume, Ultraman Tiga's speedy, fast, and agile mode As Ultra suits go, it's out of the ordinary by being purple instead of red . The layout of the suit is pretty standard, but I can not help wonder if it would not look a little better in sky blue rather than off-purple The figure is primarily sharply molded PVC, I think with some harder plastics in the joints The joints are nice.. and tight . The box features some slick graphics and a pretty standard window. Extra hands and accessories are securely held in a vac-tray


The contents of the box include Ultraman, four poses of hands, a swappable timer light for the chest, and three effects parts.


With the help of Dark Tiga, who I'll be reviewing next, you can see that the articulation on this guy is nuts The range of movement is great, and the figure looks pretty clean doing it.



These two shots show off one area where Bandai's superior action figure design really helps this figure look sharp The hips can extend for an increased range of movement, or sit closer to the body for the cleaner look Way cool


With Dark Tiga's help again, we can see that Flight Type Tiga can achieve a really tight and classic Ultra flying . pose Wheeeeee




The effect parts are really cool, and look the part There are three blast effects, for three different attack that I'm sure have names in the show Two of them are pretty basic hand blasts, but the third is a bit more complex, and the directions show to pose it across his chest, like it's a slightly more complex move Neat. .. The effect parts are all harder clear PVC, and do not seem like they'll ever sag, which is good


Tiga here can do a lot and look good, but the real question is: How does he stack up against some Ultra foes ? The lineup above gives you an idea. Since Tiga is six inches tall, he's perfect for fighting the Bandai Ultra Kaiju figs, which makes sense He's a bit too big to face off against the blue and orange Ultra kaiju trading figure. I have He's small next to the M1GO Vekakron I have, but that's not so bad because it just makes the kaiju look like a bigger threat


Tiga squares off against King Joe Black I do not really know how Tiga fights in the show, but the original Ultraman was always a bit of a grappler, so that's how my Ultras roll


Joe narrowly dodges an Ultra blast!

< img src = "http://www.collectiondx.com/gallery2/gallery/d/589145-3/Skytype14.jpg" width = "640" height = "612" class = "giThumbnail" alt = "Skytype14" />

Vekekron tries to sneak up behind Tiga to no avail! Using his enhanced speed, Tiga nails Vekekron with a low shoulder check.


Once Tiga has the initiative, the results are pretty much sealed The best part of Ultraman shows is always when they get down and dirty.

This is my first experience with an Ultraman action figure, rather than a vinyl, and I think these are some really neat figures Having a really slick Ultraman that can recreate the moves from the show against the typically doofy kaiju in sofubi is a blast..

Review sample provided by Tamashii Nations. You can get yours at BigBadToyStore.

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