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goldymarg dx (goldion hammer)
  • goldymarg dx (goldion hammer)
  • goldymarg dx (goldion hammer)
  • goldymarg dx (goldion hammer)
  • goldymarg dx (goldion hammer)
  • goldymarg dx (goldion hammer)
  • goldymarg dx (goldion hammer)
  • goldymarg dx (goldion hammer)
  • goldymarg dx (goldion hammer)
  • goldymarg dx (goldion hammer)
  • goldymarg dx (goldion hammer)
  • goldymarg dx (goldion hammer)
  • goldymarg dx (goldion hammer)
  • goldymarg dx (goldion hammer)

goldymarg dx (goldion hammer)

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I've been covering Brave toys on and off for about the past 2 months or so and no other toy so far has surprised me in a good way like Sonokong's DX Goldymarg re-issue .

Goldymarg is a secondary character in the anime "The King of Braves GaoGaiGar". Goldymarg is basically the means of which GaoGaiGar can wield the "Goldion Hammer". The Goldion Hammer is an awesome weapon, but without Goldymarg ability to transform into "Marg Hand" GaoGaiGar would not be able use Goldion Hammer properly and without incurring damage. So you see the relationship between GaoGaiGar and Goldmarg is sort of symbiotic.

Goldymarg also has the ability to transform into the GoldyTank, which has a powerful Fusion Beam Cannon called Marg Cannon made up of what becomes Goldion's Hammer handle.

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Well now that you get the idea of ??what role Goldymarg plays in the anime GaoGaiGar, on to the review of the toy.

Goldymarg comes to you in a beautifully illustrated, heavy corrugated cardboard box shown below. On the boxes inside Sonokong uses the flimsy plastic tray instead of quality Styrofoam that us toy collectors would really prefer ... sigh. Oh well, stleast the box is nice.


After taking Goldymarg out of his cardboard tomb is when the real magic begins. He is an impressive figure, standing about 9.5 "tall from top of hammer to toe. Goldymarg is made from quality feeling plastic with nice, solid clicky joints. As you can see below, Goldmarg may be a brick but he does actually has some decent articulation in the legs.


Just like in the video above, when Goldymarg transforms the top of his helmet closes over his eyes. I kinda dig the way it does this so I had to snap a pic of before and after. Actually Goldymarg's whole transformation in this toy incarnation is pretty much dead on to the anime.

< img src = "http://www.collectiondx.com/gallery2/gallery/d/555993-3/SS852945.jpg" width = "640" height = "527" class = "giThumbnail" alt = "SS852945" />

Moving along to Goldymarg in GoldyTank mode. In this mode you can use the 3 foam projectiles included with the figure. You do this by simply placing the projectile on the end of the pivoting fusion beam cannon and squeezing the flexible bellows of the Goldion Hammer. I prefer spring loaded, take out your eye weaponry on my toys, again, sigh. Is it just me or does this mode look alot like the Transformers G1 Roller? Anyway, very solid in this mode and rolls great, very rugged.


Before I get to Goldymarg's final mode, I figured I would include a token picture of Goldy in robot mode with the big guy, GaoGaiGar!


Onto Goldymarg's final mode, Marg Hand and Goldion Hammer. Like I said earlier in the review, the transformation is exactly like the anime, so just enjoy the pics of GoaGaiGar wielding what is his best weapon.


Oh, almost forgot, one last feature is what is called "Hammer Heaven" which is the two pry bar like devices shown below You can see them in use in the video at the top of the review


All said and done, I like this toy alot. It is solid as a brick and will surely last through years of rough play. Fortunately, mine will never see such play. I would suggest if you have Sonkong's re-issue or Takars's original DX GaoGaiGar and do not have Goldymarg to go with it, you should really track one down. You can use the Ebay links provided below to help you on you quest to find Goldymarg.

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