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How do I describe my relationship with a Valkyrie? Well like many, I started by watching Robotech. I always thought Valkyries were one of the best robot designs ever to be realized. Many Valkyrie toy designs came and went, many ingenious feats of engineering came to fruition by many manufacturers. Some official, some not so official so the quality and execution varied greatly.

Now it's Kaiyodo's turn to give us their version of the transforming Valkyrie, in this case the VF-1S, while remaining faithful to their Revoltech line which uses their ever popular joints. I was a little skeptical as to how these figures would turn out since in my experience with Revoltech figures, .. they have been soft and 0026 quot; greasy 0026 quot; as well as compromising certain proportions for joint placement Well to my surprise, it was a lot different than I expected

Included in the package:

VF -1S in Fighter mode10 Point Revochip Joints box Stand with joints Wrist tab hooks (2) Gun pod Head and cockpit shield Alternate hands and fists. Paperwork

Lets get started, it comes packed in the new bigger style Revoltech Yamaguchi box with a paper belt. Its been designated Series No. 83. The Valkyrie comes packed in Fighter form.



This is how it looks right out of the box. Nice, clean elegant design

< img src = "http://www.collectiondx.com/gallery2/gallery/d/523941-4/DSC04399.jpg" width = "640" height = "427" class = "giThumbnail" alt = "DSC04399.jpg" . />

Here's a look at the bottom You'll notice, the head is missing More on that later in the review


Transformation into the alternate modes is very easy due to the fact that many owners of other Valkyries will be mostly going through the same motions as you would most other versions. Newcomers to this robot, may need to look over the instruction booklet. The figure feels fiddly while all limbs and pieces are splayed out, but at no time did it feel brittle. I was not being overly careful while transforming so at the moment, I can say that the plastics are of good quality. Something that may annoy some is that parts (wings, the flap behind the head and the 0026 quot; backpack 0026 quot;). will fall off during transformation since most of the parts are held on with joints or have friction tabs In no way is it as bad as the Toynami 1 / 100s that fall apart almost completely,

I do not own a lot of Revoltech's but this figure has the most joints I have come across, some are small double joints which I am finding to be very loose on this figure , thankfully they can be squeezed from the side to tighten them up a bit It almost seems that the 0026 quot;. fiddliness 0026 quot;. would cause some frustration during transformation, but everything falls right into place and tabs hold everything nice


When you pull the arms down, you'll notice there are tabs sticking out of the wrists. These are cleverly hidden by folding out the fist and folding them in. The kit comes with 2 little plastic hooks to help you pull the tabs back out. Be careful however, as pushing the tab too far in will cause it to get caught behind the wrist hinge and the little plastic hooks will be of no use getting them out. The paint looks horrible in the picture but I did not notice it while handling it, zooming in does not help in making it look any nicer Note:.. My VF-1A version did not suffer from this



Here is my best attempt at a stable standing Gerwalk mode, however, more dynamic poses can be achieved with the included base. My only complaints up to this point is that the rear section of the fighter does not come up and around very well which make it very noticeable in Gerwalk mode. There is nothing to secure it in place. Also, the arms are very loose at the shoulders, requiring a step backwards in transformation to squeeze-tighten them. Shown are the alternate open hands.



Right out of the box you'll notice the hands are teeny. Not to fret as the included accessories come with bigger fists and open hands. Here you see him giving a salute with one of the alternate hands. Take a second to note that the joints are pretty well hidden There is nothing readily apparent to point out it's Revoltech lineage He stands at 5.75 0026 quot; tall (14.6cm)


Now lets have some fun with the poses. I did not find myself fighting with the joints during posing, they seemed to know exactly how I wanted them to move ... which is more than I could say about my other Revoltechs which I have given the 0026 quot; gift of flight 0026 quot;. from frustration This may be due in part to the harder type plastics used Here, I've outfitted him with the alternate fists and Gun Pod Of course, being a Revoltech, a multitude of poses.. can be acheived. Some a lot cooler than I'm able to achieve myself without a stand. I've chosen not to use the stand to show its ability to pose on its own.

DSC04404.jpg < / p>


Ok, so he looks cool from the front, but what kind of horrid, joint riddled mess awaits out back? Well, let's take a peek shall we? .. . Its actually pretty clean. Kaiyodo has done a good job of keeping the joints well hidden and not too obvious. Thank goodness for that.


Perfect Transformation? Not 100 % but darn close. If you leave the standard fists, all you really need to add / remove is the head during transformation (have not been successful with the head in place), swap cockpit pieces and add / remove Gun Pod holder. < / p>


I'd like to touch again on the joints Some may seem severely loose to the point where they are useless I found that by.. pushing on the sides it tightens them up a bit.


When you pull the Valkyrie out for the first time, you may notice that from behind in Fighter mode, you can see the standard teeny fists which make for an eyesore, however, they DO fold into the forearm. Why it was packed with the fists out, instead of hidden is anyone's guess. Here, you can see how neatly they fold in. Visible again is the sloppy paintjob, although this is the only imperfection I found on the entire figure.


Like I stated before I was going to explain why the head was not shown attached in Fighter mode in the pics above. Since this is how it came out of the box, I assumed not having head attached in Fighter mode was one of the compromises of the figure, but soon after, I realized that there are provisions for head attachment in this mode Otherwise it would have been a huge negative So go ahead and slap that head on

The Good:..!

The price , about 20 bucks Sharp paint apps Nice proportions Almost perfect transformation Poseability Joints are well hidden

The Bad:

Fiddly at times if joints get loose, but quickly fixed Wings fall off easily when handling 0026 quot; Gerwalkward 0026 quot; at times, rear section sticks up, not flush FAST pack would be nice ... Future add- on?

The Ugly

Sloppy paint on one of the forearms, may be isolated incident as my VF-1A does not suffer from this Rear section does not fold up and around for flush appearance

In closing, I'd like to say overall I am quite happy with this release. Some diehards may find more to nitpick, but most will appreciate that a nice pose-able Valkyrie can be had for about 20 . dollars seems like it can take some 0026 quot; abuse 0026 quot; for those that really play with their toys, so that alone gets my thumbs up


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