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tetsujin 28 (naked ver.)
  • tetsujin 28 (naked ver.)
  • tetsujin 28 (naked ver.)
  • tetsujin 28 (naked ver.)
  • tetsujin 28 (naked ver.)
  • tetsujin 28 (naked ver.)
  • tetsujin 28 (naked ver.)
  • tetsujin 28 (naked ver.)
  • tetsujin 28 (naked ver.)
  • tetsujin 28 (naked ver.)

tetsujin 28 (naked ver.)

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It's a shame that one of the coolest SOC releases happens to be a Tamashii Nations exclusive. This Tetsujin 28 Naked Version was first offered as an exclusive at the Spring Tamashii Expo in Tokyo 2009, and then later at the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con. As exclusives go though, it's not particularly hard to come by.


 PC154926.jpg Hardcore Naked Robot Action!


That'll bring some interesting search results.

It's the same toy as the regular T-28 Soul of Chogokin, but without the paint. This time Tetsujin is in his birthday suit, stripped down to the bare metal. There are a few painted parts, and the plastic parts are molded in color, but this is essentially a bare bones robot.



He looks damn cool. The bare metal actually appears to be polished and clear-coated. So I guess it is painted, but just not in color .


The Naked version Tetsujin is a neat gimmick, but it actually has another meaning. This black and white version is reminiscent of the way Tetsujun actually appeared in the original cartoon! How cool!


Unfortunately, being a limited edition, Tetsujin does not have all of his accessories. Excluded from this set are the Shotaro figure, the damaged arm , and the light-up gimmick. The tray gives you a little sticker telling you what you are missing out on.


Still, it looks so cool that I kind of do not care, as those accessories go right back in the box.


Normally I do not go for variants, but this one I like.


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