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getter dragon
  • getter dragon
  • getter dragon
  • getter dragon
  • getter dragon
  • getter dragon
  • getter dragon
  • getter dragon
  • getter dragon
  • getter dragon
  • getter dragon
  • getter dragon
  • getter dragon
  • getter dragon
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getter dragon

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The Soul of Chogokin GX-51 Getter Dragon comes from the series "Change !! Getter Robo: The Last Day". Aka "Getter Robo Armageddon" We've discussed the story before but basically Getter Dragon is a Mass-Produced Getter Machine. You can read a bit more about the background of this robot here.

Getter Dragon arrives courtesy of HobbyLink Japan.

This toy continues the trend of a smaller, more articulate SOC as set forth with the GX-45 Mazinger Z. These new SOC have a common joint system allowing for extreme articulation previously unheard of in a Soul of Chogokin toy.

So lets get right down to it, shall we?

The box is nothing special, thin cardboard with an assortment of clear plastic and styrofoam trays inside. When you pick up the box you are surprised at just how heavy it is.



Getter Dragon sleeps peacefully inside of a styrofoam tray. Despite its environmental unfriendliness, styrofoam still seems the best way to protect your gokin from damage.

The toy is heavy, simple, and loaded with metal. It's a refreshing break after the super-complicated Dygyengar set. This is a toy you can actually keep on your desk and pick up and play with without it being a huge project.



Metal content is ample - with the shoulders, chest, torso, waist, legs and feet being metal. The thick lower legs really add some heft to it.


Articulation is essentially the same as the GX -45 - standard ball and hinge shoulders, hinged elbows, double jointed neck, chest and waist joint and swivel wrists The lower part of the body features the new added articulation such as extendable hips, collapsible panels on the legs and extendable ankles All.. of these advancements allow for greater articulation without sacrificing on looks.



Getter Dragon comes with a few accessories but nothing extravagant. First off are the folded arms This is a one-piece plastic assembly that attaches to the upper arms via magnets He looks imposing and judgmental when they are attached



The regular arms feature spinning saw blades, but an instruction sheet warns that the blades will not turn when the arms are bent all the way. Three sets of hands are included.


On each shoulder there rests an articulated shoulder armor, attached to a ball joint. These can be removed and a small extender piece can be added to increase the range of motion of the pads . I'm not entirely sure of the purpose of these, as it looks better without them.




To attach the Mach Wing, you must remove the shoulder pads and attach the wing assembly to the back The wing has shoulder pads built in



Getter Dragun comes with his signature Double Getter Tomahawks which are really really sharp. Be careful when trying to get the handle of the Double Tomahawk into the optional hands.

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A display stand is included that has places for all of the accessories. The stand is re-configurable to accommodate different display modes and storage of accessories.




Getter Dragon is an excellent example of why the Soul of Chogokin line continues to be as popular as it is It's solid, heavy, and fun to mess around with -.. not to mention great looking


You can get your Soul of Chogokin GX-51 Getter Dragon at HobbyLink Japan.

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