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godgun dam

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The God Gundam appears thanks to angolz.com Go get your God Gundam goodness from their site
<.! / strong>

Domon Kasshu is the main character of Mobile Fighter G Gundam. With his mother dead, his father cryogenically frozen and his brother on the run after stealing the Devil Gundam, Domon Kasshu joins the Gundam Fight in order to set things right. The Gundam Fight features a myriad of multi-cultural (and often hilariously stereotypical) Gundams. Domon Kasshu begins the Gundam Fight with the Shining Gundam. Then during the course of the show, Domon upgrades to the God Gundam ( known as the Burning Gundam in the US dub).

The Robot Spirits version of the God Gundam has a sleeker and leaner build than it's on-screen counterpart. Even the midsection has been stretched out a bit.


One thing I noticed immediately is how the white pointy piece of the front skirt points down diagonally. It really should point downward without sloping forward. < / p>


Some body parts, such as the feet and the kneepads are smaller in the Robot Spirits representation of the God Gundam. Other body parts, such as the blue gauntlets, the white parts of the shoulder pads and the vents on the chest are larger on the toy than they are in the show.


The Robot Spirits God Gundam, like many of the other Robot Spirits Gundams, could have benefited from some panel lining. However, there is enough colors on the God Gundam, to make the omission of the panel lining less of an issue than on some of the other Gundams.

Full4 < / p>

In the show, the God Gundam used the Trace System to emulate Domon Kasshu's martial arts moves. So one would expect that the Robot Spirits God Gundam should be able to move well, allowing the toy to be posed in many great martial arts poses. This release is successful at delivering such a toy. Articulation for the God Gundam, is superb, as it should be. Although the God Gundam has a ton of nice points of articulation, I am only going highlight the ones that stood out to me.

The Core Lander's fins can expand out, just like in the show.

Core Lander

Core Lander2

The body of the Core Lander can also flip up a bit


The midsection has a nice ab crunch that can help facilitate the expressiveness of the God Gundam

Sad Gundam:. (


Proud Gundam!


The circular sword holders on the sides can move forward and back substantially.

 Skirt  Skirt2

The God Gundam takes a knee with very little effort. He has a good amount of joints in the legs and all of the skirts can move independently in order to free up the legs.


The legs can spread out enough to allow the God Gundam to do the splits. The front part of the feet can even fold down a full 90 degrees.


The balance of the figure is pretty good. Just check out the God Gundam doing a high kick.


Unfortunately, the thigh joints on my God Gundam became rather loose during the review process. This made even some simple posing a tedious experience, as the God Gundam's legs would begin to split and the toy would flop over.

By the end of the review process, even a stance like the one below would become too much for the toy to handle.


Included with this release is the halo that is created by the fins when the God Gundam goes into Hyper Mode. Also included is an opened chest piece that is also for the Hyper Mode. < / p>


The halo attaches to the God Gundam's core lander via two connector pieces, one clear and one grey


The grey connector piece also has a hole at the bottom, so that you can attach the God Gundam to a Tamashii Stage stand.


Also included are gauntlets with extended fingers and spikes, . and glowing hands to allow the God Gundam to perform a couple of its signature attacks

This hand of mine glows with an awesome power; Its burning grip tells me to defeat you !

 God Finger2

Bakunetsu God Finger.

God Figner

But that's not all!

The school of the Undefeated of the East ... The ultimate technique! (Until Domon learns the powered up version. )


Sekiha Tenkyoken!


< p> * Effect part is on loan from Shin Getter 1. King of Hearts logo appears courtesty to Photoshop.

Finally, the God Gundam comes with a couple of beam sabre energy blades to attach to the hilts. < / p>



In total, you get 5 sets of hands that have been featuered in the review; so I did not bother to just take of picture of the hands this time around.

Stance (2)

All in all, God Gundam is a great release. I can only really complain about the looseness of the thigh joints and that the gauntlets would come off rather easy. Otherwise, I had a great time playing around the Robot Spirits God Gundam. I really hope that Bandai release the rest of the Shuffle Alliance and some of the other more memorable (yet kind of racist) .! Gundams from G Gundam C'mon Tequila Gundam

The God Gundam appears thanks to angolz.com Go get your God Gundam goodness from their site. !

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