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generations legends 2014 series 03 set of 2 (acid storm gears) transformers 2010 2016 transformers generations legends

generations legends 2014 series 03 set of 2 (acid storm gears) transformers 2010 2016 transformers generations legends

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Material: Plastic

Set will include:
Acid Storm with Venin two-pack
Gears with Eclipse two-pack

Acid Storm with Venin
Some warriors prefer an all-out frontal assault. Acid Storm and Venin take a more treacherous approach. Acid Storm can seed the atmosphere with toxins to create metal-melting acid rain. Venin uses his stinger to poison any life form and rot them from within. It might not be as flashy as triggering an explosion, but for the evil purposes of the Decepticons, it's just as destructive.

Bring some road fury to your Transformers adventures with this treacherous pair of Decepticon warrior figures! Your Acid Storm figure can take his Autobot enemies on in robot mode and then blast off to the next battle in fighter jet mode. But your Venin figure can attack in robot mode, then convert to either weapon mode or insect mode! Will the Autobots be able to handle this poisonous pair? Only you can decide!

Gears with Eclipse
Put these two Autobots in an outpost and nothing will get past their watch. You just might not want to join them while they're at it. Autobot Gears is always grumbling about something, even if there's nothing actually going on. Autobot Eclipse might be his perfect partner - he barely speaks at all. His microprocessors are too busy computing everything that could possibly go wrong. His doomsday scenarios can keep Gears going for hours, training his finely tuned infrared sensors on any hint of an enemy signal.
Put this pair of Autobot warrior figures on watch in your Transformers adventures! Your 2-in-1 Autobot Gears figure can take his Decepticon enemies on in robot mode and then rumble over them in truck mode. But your Autobot Eclipse figure can attack in cannon mode or launch himself into space in shuttle mode! Will the Decepticons be able to sneak past this pair of sentries? Only you can decide! Product Number: HAS23851
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