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gc16 ligerjack (korean box) transformers galaxy force cybertrons

gc16 ligerjack (korean box) transformers galaxy force cybertrons

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GC-16 Ligerjack (Korean Box)/Leobreaker transforms from a massive lion into one of the larger robot modes in the series; Leobreakers spear-tipped, fixed pose tail doubles as a handheld sword-like weapon; his Cyber Key function enabled the three-pronged flip-down claws which can be utilized as such in either mode; Leobreaker can be reconfigured into Savage Claw Mode and be used as an outsized replacement appendage for either Super Class Optimus Prime or Megatron. The Voyager Class Leo Breaker is the upgraded form of the Scout Class Overhaul, attained during the latters visit to the Jungle Planet. As Leobreaker, a much more powerful form attuned to the intricacies of his new environment, Overhaul, now capable of fighting on near-even terms with tyrannical scourge, allied himself with the Jungle Planets rebel freedom fighters.

NOTE - This item's colors are a slightly different shade than the US version.

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