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ko Tailwind (G1)

ko Tailwind (G1)


This article is about the evil Decepticon Micromaster. For his heroic alternate universe counterpart, see Tailwind (SG).Tailwind is a Decepticon Micromaster from the Generation 1 continuity family. Snatch this pebble from my hand and you will know you are ready.Of the scheming junior members of the Air Strike Patrol, Tailwind is the one most likely to seize control of the unit. This is because he knows how to keep his mouth shut, and take a short-term loss for long-term gain.[1]Contents1 Fiction1.1 Marvel Comics continuity1.1.1 Marvel The Transformers comics1.1.1.1 Marvel UK future timelines1.1.2 Transformers Comic-Magazin1.2 Dreamwave Generation One continuity1.3 IDW Generation 1 continuity1.3.1 Gorlamite1.3.2 Cybertronian1.4 Beast Wars: Uprising2 Games2.1 Transformers Legends3 Toys3.1 Generation 14 Notes4.1 Foreign names5 Footnotes Fiction Marvel Comics continuity Marvel The Transformers comicsEvents from the UK-only comic stories are in italics. Tailwind (left) later succumbed to Primus apotheosis.Tailwind and his patrolmates were the first Decepticon Micromasters to be created after Thunderwing's scientists reverse engineered the process from the captive Autobot Battle Patrol. When the Race Car Patrol infiltrated Thunderwing's base to rescue the Battle Patrol, the Air Strike Patrol were sent out to meet them as a field-test. Roadhandler was able to trick them into thinking that a deactivated bomb he was carrying was still live, allowing his team to rush the Decepticons and beat them down. The Autobots afterwards fled with their rescued comrades. A Small War! "Hey, it worked for those turtles!"When Roadhandler became an overnight wrestling sensation on Earth, Scorponok called in help to end the Autobot's growing public adulation, and an unknown Decepticon sent the Air Strike Patrol. While Storm Cloud challenged Roadhandler in the ring, Tailwind and his other two teammates swept the skies outside, keeping Roadhandler's fan club from entering, though they were ultimately thwarted by the rest of the Race Car Patrol. The Interplanetary Wrestling Championship! Oh, sure, blame the only guy who's in color.Unknown to Scorponok, the patrol's secret employer was Megatron, who then sent the team on a mission to MacDill Air Force Base to capture the B-204 refueling plane. While his teammates all argued among themselves over leadership of the group throughout the whole mission, Tailwind kept quiet, content to call them names in his thoughts. When the Autobots inevitably arrived, the team contacted Scorponok to tell him that they were under attack. Back from the Dead Skin Deep After a brief confrontation with Optimus Prime - during which Tailwind told Optimus Prime where he could stuff his order to surrender - and the arrival of Scorponok's Decepticons, the Air Strike Patrol fled, their mission completed. The Resurrection Gambit!Tailwind, Nightflight, and Storm Cloud came to the aid of their patrolmate Whisper, who had become a private assassin, when he was chased into an Earthen jungle by the Autobot Rescue Patrol. The Autobots wound up breaking off their pursuit in order to prevent further damage to the surrounding forest. The Greatest Gift of All!The Air Strike Patrol then toured the southern United States, finally attacking an oil refinery. This was the same oil refinery where Hector Dialonzo, a human with extraordinary powers, was working, and he single-handedly destroyed the Air Strike Patrol, with Tailwind the first to go offline. The Human Factor! Marvel UK future timelines The Air Strike Patrol took Megatron's side in the 1991 Decepticon Civil War against factions led by Scorponok and Shockwave. Near the end of that war, the Patrol chased Scorponok, alone, into a human settlement, where Tailwind jostled with Nightflight over who would get to kill the enemy leader. Scorponok maneuvered a team of Autobots into combatting the Patrol for him, enabling Scorponok to escape. Aspects of Evil! Transformers Comic-MagazinAs the Decepticons arrived on Earth, Tailwind and the Air Strike Patrol were among the first to engage their Autobot enemies. New York A City Sinking in TerrorWhen a dimension bridge opened up connecting several points in time and space, the Autobots and Decepticons fought over control of the bridge. The Air Strike Patrol engaged the Autobot Pretender, Skyhammer. The Transformers' Grand Hour: Headmaster of the Dimensions Dreamwave Generation One continuityTailwind hung out in The Burn Outs, a neutral-zone club in Little Iacon. There, he chatted up Tote. The Gray Race IDW Generation 1 continuity GorlamiteTailwind was one of the many Micromasters created on Gorlam Prime through the machinations of Jhiaxus. He was part of a flight that shot at Hardhead and Nightbeat. Spotlight: Hardhead CybertronianAnother Tailwind was a full sized Decepticon in a group that conquered Temptoria following the end of the war. When the crew of the Lost Light arrived looking for the Circle of Light, Tailwind found himself on the wrong end of Drift's swords. Before & After Beast Wars: UprisingOn a dystopian, fuel-deprived Cybertron, Tailwind had managed to stay mobile, but had permanently rusted into his vehicle mode. When Lio Convoy exposed the truth of the Games and the Builders' manipulation of the Maximals and the Predacons, Sunrunner and Tailwind were sent to strike the renegade Maximal down, but failed. Broken Windshields Games Transformers LegendsDreadwind and the Air Strike Patrol conquered Garrus-9, though their triumph was shortlived as the Wreckers arrived a bit later and liberated it. The Wreckers Toys Generation 1 Storm Cloud stole my Universe comeback, the gitAir Strike Patrol (Micromaster Patrol, 1989)Tailwind transforms into a blue A-10 Thunderbolt II ground-strike plane. He was only available as part of four-pack with his teammates Nightflight, Storm Cloud and Whisper.This mold was redecoed to make Hot House.In Japan, his toy was released without alteration as the Autobot Windrim.More information on Tailwind at TFU.info Notes Tailwind is "gang-molded" with his teammate Nightflight and thus the two share plastic colors.Tailwind was evidently part of Seymour Simmons' props in Revenge of the Fallen, as it was included in an auction (held on October 8 & 9, 2009 by Profiles in History) of several items that Simmons carried around throughout the movie. Foreign namesFrench: Derive (Canada)Italian: Atlas Footnotes? More than Meets the Eye #7Retrieved from "http://tfwiki.net/mediawiki/index.php?title=Tailwind_(G1)&oldid=1177430" Categories: Beast Wars: Uprising DecepticonsGeneration 1 DecepticonsGorlam PrimeMicromasters

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