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fpj functionx crocodile
  • fpj functionx crocodile
  • fpj functionx crocodile

fpj functionx crocodile


Name: Crocodile Name: Crocodile Dragon Edition: Ordinary Edition Official Price: Unknown Prototype: Unknown Toy Number: Unknown Material Type: Plastic Proportion: Unknown Specification: Unknown Time: Unknown Toy Category: Other Level or Category: Function-X Series : FPJ manufacturers: FansProject official map of the physical map evaluation I have to modify my appreciation to thank the 78 cartoon friends sollking in the exposing Huang Bang activities to provide information I have to modify in everyone Tucao why fpj do not sell the original color crocodile dragon and release Optimus Prime color Crocodile dragon official figure, fpj original color crocodile dragon will be quietly on sale, in fact, people do not say fpj first to sell Optimus Prime color crocodile dragon ~ ~ ^ tonight with everyone to play fpj leader warrior dragon back fpj head of the soldiers please direct access: ?Jiehuang table? ?Panda evaluation? FPJ head of the first wave of soldiers - Guo Wen! ?? ?? ?Panda evaluation? ?head on! Fpj wolf evaluation! ?? ?? ?? ?Panda evaluation fpj small Zhuge evaluation! ?? ?? ?Panda evaluation? ?FPJ head warrior bat magic evaluation! Although mt also out of the lead, the industry is also a fpj leader to see a bad, seeing will be mt wash and so on. The The But personally think that fpj leader with the official version of the official 123 and mt & amp; fpj home of the fit King Kong, or good, the most important thing is that there are no bright spots in the design, each has its own, worth pondering a series, then sure to go with the ^ _ ^ Not much nonsense, and immediately start! Character introduction omitted to see "head of the soldiers" animation crocodile dragon image fpj leader is not the ultimate degree of reduction as the primary design appeal. The crocodile claws are exposed to the arms below the arms of the same weapons are tail, but fpj added to the bayonet; crocodile claws in the small arm side of the crocodile dragon is also wearing a goggles head up by the angle of the eye Limited, will put a crocodile shape of the toy form of the vehicle is also good, the degree of reduction on the simple, then look at the specific performance of toys: fpj leader of the consistent packaging style packaging front side of the back of all things instructions hand shot, Can not see, please click to enlarge, etc. will no longer break down the deformation steps slightly we look at the line ^ _ ^ toys have metal parts, are covered by plastic film protection, praise the humanoid first to the general height ratio fpj leader hardware Need to worry about the material color work qc and so are ok multi-angle look at the first painted fine metal color is also no backpack body joints are very tight tail when the weapons; arrows can refer to the location of the fingers or turn the arrow Parts can be equipped with weapons like a weapon handle left or right, Renjun good look at the details of the human form and structure of the head carved variable villain with other fp j head no difference villain paint work ok ok head no moving work is not sloppy basic move or some ^ _ ^ continue to break down crocodile dragon humanoid: shoulder arrows can be folded knuckles, you can ensure that the arms Can be flat side of the shoulder joint is the ball of the arm has a transverse joint; elbow folded joints; arm and a cross the joints, the wrist can only be folded, no rotation; also made a non-moving thumb ^ _ ^ due to deformation Need, the inside of the arm or empty, and have the wrong bar outside the fist is connected to the crocodile forepaw arm and missile configuration elbow rear there is no moving metal paint barbs mechanical details can also, Also on the metal paint chest is a matte transparent part of the opaque part is the color of the waist can be rotated and the back angle can be considerable back to do the crotch is the ball, the thigh has a knee joint folding angle good feet side The board you can fold or not folded, Ren Jun like to open the calf rear plate cover, you can see the ankle has a certain angle of rotation, to provide the soles of the feet to the ground side of the foot side of the left and right angle as shown in the figure, basically enough heels Is a folding storage The crocodile two hind feet, although the bottom of the soles of the feet, but more obvious to see how the mobility: weapons equipped with relatively stable, will not fall back to the waist can easily bow; anti-plug the head can achieve a certain angle rise, the play fpj leader all know ^ _ ^ shoulder ball tightly closed, the end of the weapons no problem can also have two arms holding hands a knife with a knife forward with a pair of arms side of the flat lift no problem squatting relaxed and easy to twist easy The soles of the feet to the ground to deal with the general pose parallel to the arms of a fairly stable side of the maximum angle of the legs, mainly hindered hip deformation process smooth and clever, reasonable structure, have the opportunity, then everyone can personally experience experience ^ _ ^ Snap fit are accurate crocodile shape done better than the human wolf ^ _ ^ tail can swing around the tail tip so little meaning. The The Only can rise and bow, can not swing the head of the blood pool mouth mouth can scroll the thorns, very feeling ^ _ ^ crocodile form, the twist can be done before the flutter action can also do; waist can also move forward Bend, make the bow of the body action hind legs can climb a certain angle to walk the attitude of no problem before the foot of the ball, the rear foot can only be folded arrows pointed hind legs can be lateral folding arrows referred to the hind legs (116.29 KB) The proportion of the size of the crocodile form. The size of the crocodile shape can be turned to the bottom of the cockpit. The The Well, so much. Not much summary, and look forward to fpj leader to get out of it, from the end of December 2012 the first sale of Guo Wen, to now almost 3 years, and not finished. The The Or MT out quickly, out of the finished level of mp leader, but also line ^ _ ^ Acknowledgments 78 cartoon friends itouch19822011 in the exposing table activities to provide information similar to the page Transformers minimal deformation series toys second bomb police Prime 1 Studio statue Series Transformers Transformers Transformers Transformers Transformers minimal deformation series toys Second bombs Earthquake Transformers Transformers minimal deformation series Toys First sound acoustic wave machine Dog Transformers minimal deformation series Toys First wing Optimus Prime Prime Studio Statue Series Transformers Movie Transformers 4 Shocked Sky Bust Players Works If you have this pageOf the surrounding works and posted in the 78 forum, you can click on the right button to submit my contribution to the FPJ crocodile dragon more & gt;

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