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vegetius (glow)
  • vegetius (glow)
  • vegetius (glow)
  • vegetius (glow)
  • vegetius (glow)
  • vegetius (glow)
  • vegetius (glow)
  • vegetius (glow)
  • vegetius (glow)
  • vegetius (glow)
  • vegetius (glow)
  • vegetius (glow)

vegetius (glow)

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Officially released at the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con, kaiju Vegetius is a loner of a monster. I mean, how many friends would you have if you were a giant bird ... turtle ... monster thing?


Well, * I'm * friends with this guy, damnit Sure, he glows -. and he's part of Boston's own Kaiju Big Battel pantheon -. but he's a damn good kaiju toy in his own right

Brought to us by Rand , head honcho of KBB, himself, Vegetius is Marmit's lastest sculpt of these fantastic Japan-inspired, US-grown beasties. And this is one helluva kaiju toy.



Okay, he's not "2 x the tallest tree in the forest", but he clocks in at a solid 12 " (30cm) to the very tip of his ... horn ... thing. The vinyl is dense and very thick, making for a massive figure. Very impressive toy!



Honestly, the sculpt was a little off-putting when I first saw pics online of the unpainted prototype. The huge bulbous body and the teeny splayed arms were not doing it for me. The paint job sold me on this piece, though ... immediately .

Sure, I ' m a bit of a sucker for glowies, but I'm actually pretty picky about the ones I buy. With the ridiculous number of "colorways" any vinyl sculpt can be available in, one of the biggest deciding factors for me is paint. < br />



That multi-colored spray on this piece drove me nuts ! Light blue on the chest and around the edge of his shell. Green on his ears and the main part of his shell. Touches of purple on his arms, legs, and center of his back. Magenta on his feet, hands (?) , and face. And finally, yellow on his beak, around his eyes, and on the tip of his horn-thing.

Yeah ... colors, man. Groovy.

And he glows SUPER-bright, so if you're into glowies as much as I am, you will not be disappointed. In fact ... that may actually be my one gripe about this toy. Vegetius glows too well! Marmit's own glow Sky Deviler was actually shot in a much softer glow vinyl with glitter embedded in it. As such, he does not glow nearly as bright as Vegetius. Maybe Frank Kozik's custom "Coral Sea" Sky Deviler will be brighter when it comes out ...


 165_6507.JPG Uh oh .. .speaking of Marmit's glow Sky Deviler ... I think we may have a battel brewing ..!



Now ... what you need is some footage of the real Vegetius in combat (?):

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