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x2 toys xs001 kit upgrade set for titan class devastator

x2 toys xs001 kit upgrade set for titan class devastator

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ByX2 Toys

Preorder Item Estimated Arrival: January, 2016

This set of upgrade kits will significantly increase the active scope of the Devastator, and the kits are also making the figure looks much better than its original appearance. The shoulder parts, forearm parts and knee parts can also be assembled and formed a cannon which is able to be used by a single Devastator team member. The knee part and the new left foot part are able to be equipped in the Devastator directly to achieve integrative transformation without changing or adjusting any other parts

Set includes:
Shoulder Parts
Forearms & Articulated Hands
Crotch Plates
Parts for Knees
Newly Designed cab part for Mixmaster (left foot of Devastator)

Titan Class Devastator sold separately. This is a 3rd party kit not affiliated with Takara or Hasbro.

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