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nekobots series 1
  • nekobots series 1
  • nekobots series 1
  • nekobots series 1
  • nekobots series 1
  • nekobots series 1
  • nekobots series 1
  • nekobots series 1
  • nekobots series 1
  • nekobots series 1

nekobots series 1

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Now this is something exciting!

2010 is going to be a huge year for a lot of us ... so big that it's already getting a head start in 2009!

Our sister site, ToyboxDX has spun off into Incubot Productions, a collectibles company that promises to destroy you with giant robot love !! Behind all of this is Alen Yen, whom we lovingly refer to as the "godfather". About 11 years ago, Alen created ToyboxDX, one of the earliest English-language websites devoted to Japanese robot toys from the 70's and 80's.

This labor of love has blossomed over the last decade into this site and others, and has served as the foundation for this community of geeks! It was only a matter of time before Alen started making toys of his own!


Now, the character known as" Nekosaur "is creation of Alen's - it's a tribute to the classic hero robots like Mazinger Z. The design is a little bit cat and a little bit dinosaur. And he's been brewing in Alen's mind for a LONG time!

In fact, the very first local collector I met in person was our own JoshB back in '05 just before the Summit that year ... and he greeted me with a diecast Nekosaur keychain (scroll down to the 05.13.02 entry). These keychains were the first 3D incarnations of Nekosaur!



What Alen has produced here is a quantum leap over those diecast keychains! I was lucky enough to pick up a full set of these guys at Morphy's.

The Nekobot is a 3.5 "tall rubber figure with three points of articulation (neck, shoulders). In classic robot style, they have "Toybox" in kanji printed onto their bellies. Unfortunately, I do not have their boxes to show off, as I picked them up so early, before they were printed up.

So what's the gimmick Well, the figures actually split at the waist, exposing a 2GB USB drive How do ya like that -! something fun and useful


And one cool little bit:! the chest emblem actually lights up when they're plugged into your computer Some glow brighter than others , but either way, it's a nice touch.


There are currently five colorways for these figures. There's the standard "Blue 28" version, that's clearly a tribute to Tetsujin 28. In addition, there's the black "Stealth" version, which is super-limited and already nearly sold out. Lastly, there's the black hearts "G Set", another limited set designed in tribute to Getter Robo G.

 189_8924.JPG Stealth

 189_8926.JPG G Set!

These figures are a blast They're a little rough around the edges -! visible seam lines, slightly uneven horns -! but they're pretty much indestructible I mean, besides the metal components for the USB drive buried deep inside, the entire figure is dense rubber molded in color. Not only are these perfectly safe stuffed in your pocket (even the thin horns), but you really can whip these across the room and not worry about damaging the figure

Another thing I love about these guys is messing around with their pants:. P



Colorful Durable Collectible Sound familiar;...?)

< br>


So get over to Incubot and pick some of these up!

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