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Throughout the history of Transformers, there is one Micromaster whose legend has thrust through over two decades of toy robots. He is one of the most recognizable and talked about of the four Micromaster Transports.

His name is Erector.


Like all of the Micromaster Transports that are not Flattop, Erector is a small tractor-trailer who is fashioned after a crane .


Like any good toy crane, Erector's trailer features a movable slewing platform and working hook. Erector himself even has a working trailer hitch allowing him to swivel slightly to the left or right.


On his own, Erector is a basic little vehicle with some nice details such as tiny windshield wipers


For added play value , the trailer's crane apparatus can be fitted to Erector producing the world's cutest crane.


As a robot, Erector has a very solid, stoic look to him. He looks like a dependable fellow . Here we can see the extent of his paint applications which consists entirely of two windows on his cab and the red on his face. He features typical Micromaster articulation in his arms and legs but because my Erector is floppy, he can no longer keep his arms raised.


Erector is unique among the Micromaster Transports in that his trailer does not turn into a jet but a small battle station. The crane boom unfolds into a gun, hence Erector's Japanese name "Cragun." Behind the crane gun is another double barreled gun which lets you know Erector is heavily armed. Other details to the battle station include small outriggers on the ends and two flip-up lights.

< img src = "http://collectiondx.com/gallery2/gallery/d/595261-3/IMG_5610.JPG" width = "640" height = "480" class = "giThumbnail" alt = "IMG_5610" />

Erector can be pegged into his battle station. The double barreled gun he stands behind does feature small hand holds that Erector can not actually grab even if his arms did work.


As an undocumented feature, Erector can be pegged into the rear of the platform using his trailer hitch. This allows Erector to sit on his mighty battle station throne as befitting the king of the Micromasters. There are few who would dare approach Erector in this state without being humbled by his awesome presence.

Is there is one great tragedy in all of Transformers, it is the fact that because of a certain company there will never be another Transformer named Erector. As such , Erector will forever be unique among Transformers.

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