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dxvic toryr oh bo

dxvic toryr oh bo

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DX Victory Robo (full name Victory Robo Emergency Combination Chogokin DX) comes from the sentai series Rescue Task Force GOGO V. When the show was brought to America, it was known as the Lightspeed Megazord from Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.

DX Victory Robo

Although the toy has a GD chogokin designation;. there really is not a lot of metal in it Metal content is in the arm joints, feet, and leg connectors. This small bit of metal gives the toy a solid weighty feel.

 DX Victory Robo

Victory Robo is a combining robot, ... made of 5 smaller vehicles, called 99machines

Red Ladder - A ladder truck Arms can fold out from bed to act as ladders

 Red Ladder
Green Hover - Green jet / submarine

 Green Hover
Blue Thrower - Blue fire truck

 Blue Thrower
Yellow Armor -. Hazmat vehicle Back door opens and becomes a claw.

 Yellow Armor
Pink Aider -.. Ambulance Back door opens

 Pink Aider

You can combine all 5 vehicles to form the Victory Robo, or combine Blue Thrower, Yellow Armor and Pink Aider to form the Victory Walker, which is basically a walking tower that has cannons for spraying water.

DX Victory Robo

Transformation is simple and intuitive. Red Ladder becomes the chest and arms, while Blue Thrower becomes the lower torso and upper legs. Yellow Armor and Pink Aider become the feet, while Green Hover forms the head. Victory Robo also comes with a sword called Bravor Sword. The sword is a soft gold plastic.

 DX Victory Robo

Victory Robo can interact and combine with other toys in the series. All the 99 machines can be stored in the bays of the Grand Liner (known as the Supertrain Megazord domestically). You can also combine Victory Robo with the Max Shuttle to form the Max Victory Robo.

Max Victory Robo < br />

DX Victory Robo is one of my all time favorite sentai toys. It is easy to transform, aesthetically pleasing, solid, and can be combined with other toys.

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