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transformers 3" vinyl figure exclusive cybertron two pack transformers 2010 2016 transformers vinyl figures

transformers 3" vinyl figure exclusive cybertron two pack transformers 2010 2016 transformers vinyl figures

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The Battle for Cybertron rages on. Two of the most powerful Transformers meet head to head. Soundwave, intelligent and deadly, clashes with Grimlock, a Transformer who can tear anything limb from limb. This two pack is limited to 700 sets.

Each character has several points of articulation
Each character comes with their signature weapon(s)
Window box
3" tall figurines
Limited to 700 sets

Soundwave: Counted among Megatrons earliest followers, Soundwave perpetuates his role as Decepticon communication specialist by virtue of Mini-Cons which stealthily infiltrate the fortifications of Autobots and Decepticons alike, enabling Soundwave to provide Megatron with even the most secret or obscure information. Soundwaves sensors are sensitive to even the lowest radio transmissions, and his penchant for monitoring electrical brain impulses provides him with the equivalent of telepathy. Soundwaves predilections make him unpopular among his fellow Decepticons, mostly limiting his interactions to the company of his Cassette Warriors. Though he is sometimes portrayed as an arbitrator, Soundwave is hypervigilant of any potential rival in the Decepticon hierarchy.

Strength: 8
Intelligence: 9
Speed: 2
Endurance: 6
Rank: 8
Courage: 5
Firepower: 6
Skill: 10

Grimlock: Grimlocks inexhaustible rage often likens him to the temperament of a Decepticon, however his flawed speech belies an intellect wise enough to recognize the Decepticons as common bullies. And while Grimlock loathes weakness he loathes bullies to an even greater extent. Grimlock finds his purpose in the eradication of those who exploit defenseless victims. Grimlock and his fellow Dinobots, having defected more than once from the Autobot ranks, lend assistance to Optimus Prime generally with grudging reluctance.

Strength: 10
Intelligence: 7
Speed: 5
Endurance: 10
Rank: 9
Courage: 10
Fireblast: 9
Skill: 8

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