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The Rig is the second original vinyl sculpt released by Onell Design, and independent toy company out of Massachusetts. Onell design is the brainchild of Matt Doughty, a fellow toy nut.


While most often known for his Glyos System Series figures, Matt's been experimenting with vinyl toys that are interchangeable and compatible with the rest of the universe. And it is quite a full universe . There have been hundreds of figures released in both large and small quantities, and each appears to have some kind of backstory. I'd tell you about it if I had the foggiest idea, but I lost track after the second or third character.

Without knowing the whole story, you can still tell that this toy is part of something greater. The Glyos aesthetic translates well across mediums, and the Rig is a testament to that fact.


The Rig appears to be a powered suit in which Glyos characters can pilot.


Made out of Chinese vinyl, it's a bit firmer of a toy than you are likely used to. In fact, it almost feels as hard as ABS, giving the Rig a very toy-like feel. It's molded in a grey color with black panel lines and green and black paint applications . Paint is tight and clean.


 PB138141.jpg  PB138142.jpg  PB138146.jpg

There are three points of articulation on the rig. The waist swivels, and the arms swivel.

PB138144.jpg PB138145.jpg

The arms are unique by design. This way, if you have 2 Rigs, you can swap out arms to have two different rigs.

You can also separate the Rig at the waist joint and insert a figure inside. There's no cockpit or seat, it just fits in the empty space.


The joints also have the same fit function as Armadoc, so you can swap and combine pieces between the two as well.

It's a fun little piece, and a nice addition to the Glyos toyline. For more information, visit Onell Design at http://www.onelldesign.com

 PB148149.jpg  PB148150.jpg  PB148152.jpg  PB148153.jpg

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