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When Combiner Wars was announced, I thought it was a pretty cool idea. Despite that, I was feeling pretty okay about not owning all of the toys and just mostly ignoring it instead. And then a sale at Target combined with finding all of wave one at the same time happened. To say things went poorly would be awfully generous.

The first Deluxe that I opened was Firefly, mostly because his head looked awesome . Funny enough, he ended up being my favorite of the bunch.

Firefly is a nice red and white jet plane. It's definitely not a particularly realistic looking in its color choice, but something about it just screams to me of my childhood. Its garish colors and tacky paint applications look silly, but in a way that absolutely pleases me.
 Firefly 01
 Firefly 02
 Firefly 03

A view from underneath quickly shows off just how Firefly transforms.
 Firefly 04

Firefly comes with two weapons: a blaster looking thing and a flame thrower Both of these! can be pegged underneath the wings, though it looks rather silly.
Firefly 07

Transforming Firefly takes seconds, and the end result is a simple, but clean looking robot. Everything about him resembles his G1 counterpart, Fireflight between his white arms, angular faceplate, and pops of blue paint throughout his body.
 Firefly 09
 Firefly 10

There's a very natural set of curves behind his sculpt that really makes him look good even just standing there.
 Firefly 11

Firefly's range of articulation is very basic, but effective. He features posable elbows, knees, a waist, and thigh cuts. Nothing particularly fancy, but more than enough to get him into any dynamic pose you would like.
 Firefly 12

The flamethrower included looks much better in this mode, and makes Firefly look quite awesome.
 Firefly 14
Firefly 15

Also if you take a look at the inside of Firefly's thighs, you'll notice an odd little hole. You can actually use that hole to peg in any 3mm compatible stand which is great for flying poses.
 Firefly 13
 Firefly 20
 Firefly 19

Although his other gun weapon is rather unwieldy, Firefly manages to make it work.
 Firefly 17
 Firefly 18

Of course as a Combiner Wars figure, Firefly also doubles as a limb. He makes a pretty good foot, but I think he's much better as an arm just given how the sculpt flows so naturally down the shoulder and into one solid looking forearm. < br /> Firefly 05
 Firefly 06

And that's all there is to Firefly. He looks mean, heroic, and knightly all at the same time. His sculpt is excellent and his limb modes are great as well. Out of wave 1, I think he's the one to definitely get.

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