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The Enthusiast

Tetsuwan Tantei Robotack was the final entry in Toei's Metal Heroes series, though a far cry from the Space Sheriff epics of the eighties. Robotack was a live action children's show, a Sentai series for the Barney set. The plot is baffling to me, but I ascertain that a robot dog detective fights crime with the help of a team of other robot animals and children wearing huge fanny packs. A flying loving cup also plays an important role. < / p>

Yep, inscrutable. I have zero interest in this show or its characters. But Bandai released most of the characters in glorious magnemo diecast, so I'm in.

Torabolt is a kind of twin brother to the series' dog protagonist, but he's a tiger / tabby cat. Torabolt comes in a respectable window box.

 torabolt box front

torabolt box back

Inside, a classic styrofoam tray Torabolt's lone accessory is a small sword / knife

 torabolt box inside

< . p> The figure consists of a torso and four limbs, held together with magnetic connections Interestingly, these connections presage those used in the lateer SOC limbs

 torabolt parts

Torabolt has two modes, a humanoid robot and an adorable cartoony cat / tiger. He comes packaged as the former.

 torabolt bot front

 torabolt bot back

Articulation is pretty basic, but he's heavy. the torso is mostly diecast.

 torabolt bot front 34

Transformation to adorable cat mode is simple. You fold the robot head into the torso, slide the arm holes down, swivel the leg posts, and re-connect the limbs. When you slide the arm holes down, a panel on the chest also moves, revealing the cat's eyes. The robot's belt also flips to form the cat's mouth.

 torabolt torso 1

 torabolt torso 2

The cat mode is definitely not for everyone. I happen to like it. The similarly cute Robocon and Doraemon toys are a legitimate part of the Gokin pantheon, and Torabolt fits nicely with these characters.

 torabolt tiger front

The sword fits into the cat's rear end to make a tail. Yes, this is creepy.

 torabolt tiger back

The fit and finish of the figure is excellent The paint apps are superb, the plastic is high quality, and did I mention that is has diecast and magnets

 torabolt tiger detail

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