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I am sick to death of Macross. There, I said it. Everytime I turn around, it's VF-1this and VF-1that. That so many people are obsessed with this old children's show and keep buying new versions of it's mecha in some mad hope for the perfect Valkyrie is mind-boggling to me. Especially since they got it right the first time!

Macross toys are just so damn boring. I 'm sick of looking at Valkyries. I do not understand why people are so eager to keep buying the same old thing over and over (while usually complaining about it every time they do).

Nope, I just do not get it. I used to have a couple of these things and for awhile I thought, sure, ok, they're not so bad. But the more I heard people blathering on about them, the less I wanted anything to do with it all and mine went to Ebay. Good riddance ...

It should have ended there.

But it did not.

Oh, no. Finally, there appeared a Macross toy I could relate to. A Valkyrie that did not look exactly like every other Valkyrie I'd ever seen. A Macross toy that I would be proud to have in my collection. A Macross toy to (hopefully) end all Macross toys.

Behold! Valkyrie

Oh yeah baby. I can not tell you how excited I was when I found this one. You know how much I like ugly and unusual bootlegs in general , but to now have one that would offend the eyes of the entire Macross collecting community all at once Too good to be true

Dare to speak ill of it  Valkyrie It will beat the devil out of you.

The toy originates in Hong Kong and came packaged in a bag with a header card and cardboard insert like a classic Japanese vinyl toy. The artwork on both are far more intricate than the actual toy.


The toy measures about 11.5 "to the very tip of the those pointy things on it's head and is articulated at the shoulders, hips and neck. It has basic stickers slapped haphazardly on various parts of it, saying things like" UN Spacy "," Danger 75 "and VF. You know why it just says" VF "instead of a more specific designation? BECAUSE IT DOES NOT MATTER! THEY'RE ALL THE SAME ANYWAY!

This toy holds it's gun sideways because it's bad-ass.


As soon as I tried to pose it, the arm fell off. It did not even care. (Yes, unlike most Macross toys, this one actually has attitude and charisma!)


With a little imagination, you can even customize perfectly good fancy plane and headless bent over robot modes

 Valkyrie Weeee  Valkyrie Ugh, my back ... ..

Up, up and away .....


This is the only Macross toy I own. It's the only Macross toy I'd ever want to own.

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