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devils aten 6

devils aten 6

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?. JoshB

Who knew they made a bootleg of Devil Satan 6 I sure as hell didn 0026 rsquo; t

 Devil Satan 6

Ever since I got the Go-Bots version, Monsterous, I have wanted the original Machine Robo Version. I recently made a trade for one, and much to my dismay it turned out to be a bootleg. The quality is terrible, but it will have to do as a placeholder until I get my hands on the original.

 Devil Satan 6

Devil Satan 6 (video game Bldg Hikaru Cytec center have nn 6) comes from the anime Machine Robo: Revenge . of Cronos, made in 1986. It is an evil robot under the command of the Gyandlar, a group of alien invaders

Devil Satan 6 is comprised of 6 Evil Robots:

Devil Satan 6 Devil Satan 
6 Devil Satan 6  Devil Satan 6  Devil Satan 6 Devil Satan 6 Gillhead
? Hikaru beverage giant t do
The head Barabat
ra ba ba ? Suites
Left arm Deathclaw
video game su ku ro u
Right arm Gurogiron
< / strong> gu ro beverage giant Micron
Torso Eyegos
AI semantic su
Right Leg Blucoda
bu ru U ? inter
Left Leg

Each robot has a monster mode, a robot mode, and a mode as part of the combiner. The toys are mostly plastic with diecast reserved for the leg joints. Devil Satan 6  Devil Satan 6  Devil Satan 6  Devil Satan 6  Devil Satan 6 Devil Satan 6

Once combined, Devil Satan 6 is an imposing figure It 0026 rsquo;. s pretty floppy, and the fit isn 0026 rsquo; t right, but I attribute that to the bootleg My Go. -Bots Monsterous has no such issues.

 Devil Satan 6

Devil Satan 6 has probably one of the best robot names ever. I mean, can it get more evil than that ? No wonder it was changed before its release in the USA.

 Devil Satan 6

I would avoid this bootleg, but I would recommend hunting down an original version. How can ? you tell the difference Well, for starters, the box has no Bandai logo on it, and it says 0026 ldquo;. Made in Taiwan 0026 rdquo ;. The individual figures have no copyright information stamped on them as well

Devil Satan 

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