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"Dark Optimus Prime" Encyclopedia Part2: justice
  • "Dark Optimus Prime" Encyclopedia Part2: justice

"Dark Optimus Prime" Encyclopedia Part2: justice


Part 1: The Demon Incarnation === Part2: The Just Cause === Perhaps literally, the word "Diablo" is not very positive, and the majority of the black version of Optimus Prime we see actually wears Decepticons are evil representatives. However, sometimes the official is prejudiced toward you, giving some black plates a sense of justice and giving us a little more diversification. Following these just black Optimus, I continue to classify according to their first appearance in the world system. Note 1: The following includes only the distributions by Hasbro and Takara (Tomy), which are not covered by other companies' licensed products. Note 2: Some of the following information and pictures are organized by tfwiki.net, TKENKON.com, Seibertron.com Family of Warriors: 1999 - "Beast Wars Neo" Collection Black Big Convoy Code: C-35 Story: Mammoth Optimus Prime will face the giant force of the Blentron army, the magic of God in order to give aid to give him a justice to create a black gold clone. Toys: Die from the same series Big Convoy, re-painted to color. Leader-size. The Universe Great Trilogy Family: 2003 - The Legend of Microns Convoy / The Thunder Fleet Series Powerlinx Optimus Prime Story: Animations 51 Concentrated, Optimus Prime and Scary Days Trapped in the Universe In the Great Empire, the mini-Vajra was also controlled by the Great God. Human children arrived, unlock the mini-King Kong bondage. The liberation of the mini-King Kong at the same time produced a wave of energy, so Optimus Prime body color changes. Toys: molds from the same series leader-class size Optimus Prime, re-color change. At the same time it is also the only true version of Optimus Prime that has been shown in the animations, though the story does not explain why it changed color. . . The most famous form of this is probably what he can attack shots. "Pan G1" family of 2000 - "G1" engraved series Convoy Black Version (Japan) Toys: with the first generation of G1 Optimus Prime engraved simultaneously released black version of the Japanese exhibition JAFCON limited. 2001 - "G1" engraved series Nucleon Quest Super Convoy (Japan) Story: Optimus Prime and Nebula scientist Hi-Q to enter the black hole to find new energy Nucleon. In order to cope with the super-gravitational environment in the black hole, Optimus Prime is equipped with a dark phase AM amplitude retaining wall. Toys: with the first generation G1 energy soldier Optimus Prime engraved at the same time release the black version of the Japanese toy R Us limit. 2005 - Robotmasters Series G1 Convoy Limited Black Version (Japanese) Code: RM-01 Toys: The molds are sourced from the same series as the G1 Convoy. Electric shock Hobby magazine mail order limited. 2006 - The Hybrid Style Series Convoy Black Version (?) Code: THS-02B Story: Optimus Prime is replaced by a dark body in order to confront Skybreaker 2 and rescue the laser. Can absorb solar energy to strengthen skills, but easy to overheat, forcing him quick fix. Toys: The molds come from the same series Optimus Prime, with two new G2 comic-style heads and some extra armor accessories. 2009 - Alternity Series Convoy Super Black (Japan) Story: Origins resemble the 2004 mammoth Nemesis Prime, but he was taken by the Alternity community after he was beaten by the Bobcats. The Transformers group comes from the future of 900,000 years and lives in the high-latitude dimension. It is free to cross different parallel universes. This high dimension of existence allowed him to restore the heart of justice. Although he joined the "CONVOY Agglomeration," an elite organization that maintains the peace in the cosmic universe, he has privately planned revenge against the Great Beings and fights more coldly than other colleagues. Toys: Die from the same series "Convoy Ultimate Silver" and "Convoy Vibrant Red", re-painted to change color. 2010 - Masterpiece Collection Convoy Black Ver. (NO): MP-1B Story: Boeing has created 21 Elpidroid mechanized soldiers with Optimus Prime images and is entirely painted with dark energy absorbing paint. Most of them are unconscious and rely on remote control. Only one of them was added to the personality code, reference is Daniel's brainwave mode. Toys: Die from the same series MP-01 Optimus Prime, re-color change. E-Hobby Network Limited. 2010 -Masterpiece Series Convoy Sleep Mode (MP): MP-4S Story: According to the 86-year-old "Great Movies" story, when Optimus Prime was seriously wounded in "Death in 2005" gray. However, because later he was rehabilitated during the third season of animation, this set of overcoats is called "Optimus Prime Hibernation." Toys: Die from the same series MP-01 Optimus Prime, re-color change. As a special edition commemorating the third season of G1 animation title "2010", the Japanese version of the limited edition of 2010 sets, the Asian edition of limited edition of 2010 sets. 2012 - The first generation of engraved series Convoy Reissue BAPE Ver. BLACK (Japan) Story: No toys: The mold originated from the G1 G1 Optimus Prime, re-painted to color. With Japan's famous fashion brand A Bathing Ape cooperation style, limited edition fashion stores. 2012 - Japanese Edition Classic Series Black Optimus Prime (Japanese) Story: Because of the recent madDispatch sent personnel disguised as Bo school, so Optimus Prime put yourself in the mad camp, infiltrating into enemy lines. (I: also change the mad sent the sign it, who you do not recognize this body ah! That is a private visit ugly clothes Oh?) Toys: Die from the 2006 classic series Optimus Prime navigator, re-color. Tokyo Toy Show Limited. Because like the evil classic Nemesis Prime, in order to distinguish, commonly known as "dark red window Optimus Prime." 2013 - The Hybrid Style Collection Convoy Black Gold Version (?) Code: THS-02 (Same as the primary colors) Toys: The molds come from the same series Optimus Prime. No new accessories. China limited. (Note that unlike the red window version of 2006 above, and the quality of this one is notorious ...) 2017 - Primitive Optimus Prime & Shreddicus Maximus (US) story: Optimus Prime In the absence of war, Like to play land skateboarding, his skills no one can! Toys: Die from the Titans returned in 2016 the leader class Optimus Prime, re-painted to change color, add a skateboard and acrobatics ladder and other accessories. San Diego is limited. 2017 -Masterpiece Collection Convoy (BAPE BLACKCAMO ver.) (M) Code: MP-10K Story: No Toys: The molds come from the same series MP-10 Optimus Prime, second edition. With Japan's famous fashion brand A Bathing Ape cooperation style, limited edition fashion stores. Other Universe: 2000 - "Car Robot" Series Black Super Fire Convoy (Japan) Story: No toys: Die from the same series of flame Optimus Prime, re-painted to color. As a Japanese promotional activities prizes issued. 2000 - "Car Robot" Series Black God Fire Convoy Set (Day) Story: No toys: Die from the same series of flame Optimus Prime and supernatural powers, re-painted to color. "TV" magazine prize draws, only 10 sets of the world. 2011 - Live Movies 2 Revenge of the Fallen Series Optimus Prime Black Version (Japanese) Story: No toys: The molds come from the same series of leaders Optimus Prime, re-painted to color. Japan Amazon online limited. 2010 - Mech hero series (08 animated series) Optimus Prime Black Ver. (Day) Code: TA-01 story: no toys: Die from the same series navigator Optimus Prime, re-color. Japan "Transformers Museum" during the limited activities. 2011 - Live Action 3 "The Dark of the Moon" series JETWING OPTIMUS PRIME Black Ver. (Japan) Story: No toys: Die from the same series of ultimate Flygt Optimus Prime, re-painted to color. 2012 - Certificate of Leadership Series Dark Guard Optimus Prime Story: Ambulances reverse engineer MECH equipment in human tissues to extract a special alloy. Optimus Prime body coated with this layer of gold will be able to defend the dark energy body and other inorganic biological hazards. Toys: Die from the same series as the first version of navigator Optimus Prime, re-painted to change color. Japan Cybertron Satellite area promotion limited. 2015- Live Movies 4 Black Knight Optimus Prime Series: As the sense of justice in Optimus Prime expands, so does the dark shadow of his soul. Optimus Prime must always fight with "the other one." The Revenge Sword in your hand can use antimatter to make things go back in time. Toys: Die from the same leader in the class AD-31 Armor Knight Optimus Prime Optimus Prime Optimus Prime, re-color. Japan Toys R Us limit. Then part1 and part2 called "diablo" just literally color diablo. In fact, there are some obvious colors that are not "black," only expressing the evil villains of "Diablo" evil, repression and mystery in an abstract sense. So for the next section, let's look at those colors that are not "black," but look like Optimus Prime, with dark-hearted villains. Please read the following part === Part3: non-black evil === people like Transformers dark Optimus Prime natural disasters

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