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By KOllectors For KOllectors is out Motto

KOToys is built and maintained by Transformers Fans and Collectors.

When u buy from KOToys you agree that you understand what you are buying and agree to be patient for your order to arrive.

KOToys collectores should wait atleast 45 days for their package to arrive before complaining of non-receipt.

If you file a non-receipt within 2 weeks of puchasing from the KOToys Kollective, then we have the right to refuse to fill future orders from you.

You agree to try to use live help and email to contact us first with questions or problems.

The TF KO are generally cheaper quality, if you buy from KOToys you understand this and that replacements for items broken during play ur use will not be given.
Only replacemnts that break during shipping will be given.

Please remmeber by collectors for collectors. Everything we do is for Fans. All of our energy is put towards getting Fans what Fans want. We try our best to get you what you want and keep the price as Low as Possible. Thank you