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You can thank The Enthusiast for this one. After his awesome Power Lords reviews sparked memories in a dim corner of my mind, I stumbled upon this guy at my local comic shop.

I never had him as a kid, but I had friends who had it. I always thought it was wonderfully alien. This, along with the alien Micronauts had a similar aesthetic, both favorite toys of the time.

Arkus is the Evil Dictator, leader of the bad guys called the Extraterrestrial Alliance. His spindly alien appearance does not look too menacing, but that goes with the theme of the characters in this line.

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This toy is solid. They do not make them like this anymore. It's got hard, well sculpted plastic, great articulation, translucent eyes, and chrome weapons.

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Twenty-seven years after its release, Arkus is as tight as the day it was new . 19 points of articulation and every one of them is still tight. I bought this toy loose. It was played with by a child, but still here it is in fantastic condition, standing the test of time.


Some fun things about Arkus:. The chrome weapons fit into the empty space in the forearms


The claws open both horizontally and vertically. They are exceptionally tight.


The back has wing-flapping action. Press the red button in the middle, and the wings flap.



The characters from Power Lords would make great companions (or adversaries) to the Glyos Universe.



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