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sos1 haruhi robo
  • sos1 haruhi robo
  • sos1 haruhi robo
  • sos1 haruhi robo
  • sos1 haruhi robo
  • sos1 haruhi robo
  • sos1 haruhi robo
  • sos1 haruhi robo
  • sos1 haruhi robo
  • sos1 haruhi robo
  • sos1 haruhi robo
  • sos1 haruhi robo
  • sos1 haruhi robo
  • sos1 haruhi robo
  • sos1 haruhi robo

sos1 haruhi robo

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This character is from the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I've never read it nor watched it and do not know anything about it. However, the mecha suit caught my attention 'cause its all "roboty" and red. The addition of a little girl in a bunny suit only adds to the craziness.

Since this is a Composite Ver. Ka figure, you get the standard window box with window- screened name.

The figures come laid out on a neat modern plastic tray.

Now before we get to the really cool part, I 'll start of with Haruhi who pilots the suit. She comes dressed in a little black bunny suit. I do not get it but I'm sure it's a Japanese thing. (To see more detailed photos of Haruhi, please check out the album)

She's quite simple but highly poseable so you can put her in all sorts of cute Japanese poses Yawn

Maybe some action poses too. Yawn.

Yes, even crotch thrust. Yawn?


You anti-girl-figure guys still there? Ok cool, 'cause here's the good part. She comes with a suit that is described as "General-Purpose Humanoid Type Decisive Battle Exoskeleton Production Model" or GPHTDBEPM for short. He stands on his own and carries a big gun. Yes those are robot bunny ears on top with yellow robot bows. Is it me or does it look like a carton of Marlboro cigarettes exploded on the mech?

So Haruhi is able to suit-up and cause havoc. I do not get it. Maybe I would if I watched the show or read the manga, but it is a tad silly. Then . again, it comes from the same place where a giant robot can turn into a small pocket lighter, a giant female robot can shoot her boobs and a ship can dock into a robot's butthole
 IMG_2674  IMG_2675

The suit is quite poseable even with Haruhi docked.

What really drew me to this was the suit design that has all the tampo printing and real robot aesthetics. If I'm not mistaken , the Ver.Ka line is designed by Hajime Katoki so it's no wonder it has all those little markings and such. Even though the robot is based off a bunny design, it still manages to look cool.

Here you see how the panels open up to allow her to be fitted.

It's really not a bad figure if you can get over the cutesie side of it. I don 't like one without the other. Haruhi alone just looks like a typical girl figure and the mech suit alone looks empty and soul-less. Like Lindsay Lohan. (Points for The Enthusiast reference?) Together they tie in very well I think. If you want to check out all the pictures I took of Haruhi, make sure to check out the album.
 IMG_2683  IMG_2686

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