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r5x2 mini radio control droid
  • r5x2 mini radio control droid
  • r5x2 mini radio control droid
  • r5x2 mini radio control droid
  • r5x2 mini radio control droid
  • r5x2 mini radio control droid

r5x2 mini radio control droid

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I am doing this review on yet another little droid, he is the R5-X2 and I found him at Target. He looks like any other 3 3/4 inch scale astromech, but he is very different ..
He is REMOTE CONTROLLED So needless to say I was quick to snap it up when I came across it
Upon taking him out of his package, I noticed just how much he is like the other 3 3/4 scale astromechs I own. But looks are where that ends.
As soon as you turn him on and press the buttons on his remote, he springs to life! The remote has 2 buttons. One is to cue him to go forward, the other button reverses the little astromech while it spins the front leg wheel (he is actually front wheel drive). This action allows him to turn in any direction!
He is a really neat little toy! He will also emit the familiar R2-D2 screams and beeps, which makes for more good play value. Also his head will wobble back and forth. But remember to stay within 3 feet of him because that is all the remote's radius will allow.

R5-X2 needs batteries, but the good thing is that he comes with them, so he is ready to be played with as soon as you get home. The bad thing is that you need to be SURE you shut off both R5's remote and R5 himself, I forgot to shut the R5 unit off and killed the batteries!
Above photo illustrates how well R5-X2 fits in with a few of the other astromechs in my collection. The figure is no different quality when compared with others, and is made just as well, with unnoticeable seams, and a good paint job.

In conclusion, I LOVE R5-X2 !! I would suggest getting him if you are a Star Wars toy lover. He is only $ 16.99 at Target, so go pick him up!

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