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classics: minicons demolition team transformers classics minicons

classics: minicons demolition team transformers classics minicons

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Intending to flesh out the Classics continuity, the Mini-Con Demolition Team is utilized as a squad of sappers. These warriors have a heavy Decepticon feel to them. In vehicle Wideload looks a little like the green dump truck incarnation of Energon Demolishor, though his robot mode is less linear. Sledge is a scavenging dozer, with bulky claw appendages in robot mode. Broadside is just a straight tank, a ground crunching monster with massive treads and a revolving gun turret.

The Demolition Team is described as having first specialized in all aspects of engineering in order to better annihilate a target. They haunt ruined and devastated locations, crawling among the rubble with napalm in the morning victorious zeal. During battles, they tunnel beneath fortifications in order to bypass fortifications and brazenly usurp enemy positions.

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