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If Grimlock is the angry child-king of the dinosaur kingdom and Sludge is the special needs Dinobot, Slag is the pyromaniac. Sure, Grimlock set things on fire with his mouth. In fact , all of the Dinobots did But Slag's JOB TITLE is flamethrower Could you imagine his rsum..? "1985-2005 -.. Me Slag burn things Sometimes, me burn Decepticons Sometimes, me burn Autobots, but that on accident."

I think this quote from the two part episode Desertion of the Dinobots really sums up Slag's personality, "Me Slag no like anything."

This was another one of those Transformers I never had as a kid, so I definitely do not have the nostalgia for it the way I do some other toys. Stylistically speaking, Slag also shares a lot with the other Dinobots, including the diecast metal, vacuum metallized chrome, and my favorite, the clear parts that show chromed plastic underneath them. Slag's transparent dinosaur head especially looks great with its gold robot skull plainly visible.


Slag has a really nice triceratops mode that is much tougher than most of the Dinobots. There's really nothing you can break off except the horns. Slag's robot mode is similarly solid, but there's a bit too much crap hanging off of his back and ankles. He comes fully armed with an energo Sword, the electron blaster handgun, and a rocket pod with several rockets. Once again, if you are getting the US version, the launching mechanism is crippled but it is fully functional in both the Diaclone and Japanese Transformers release.


Like the other Dinobots, Slag was originally a Diaclone Dinosaur Robo and because of that, there's space for Slag to carry an "Inchman" pilot figure. The cockpit is kind of awkwardly placed and does not really work in triceratops mode because you can not see it, but it's okay for robot mode.


I like that the designer chose to hide the robot mode head inside of the dinosaur's mouth. It's a transformation trick that would show up again in later toys, but it was an interesting choice at the time. The dinosaur mode is also a lot more convincing than Sludge's brontosaurus and has not really been rejected by contemporary paleontology. Thankfully, it does not have . Sludge's crappy legs either

Slag is not the greatest of the Dinobots but he looks great in dinosaur mode and pretty good in robot mode Another plus is that this toy was reissued in Transformers:. Generation 2 with its original color scheme and two more: red and a snazzy green color scheme that I actually like a lot Trust me, they look great all standing in a row

If you get just one Dinobot, should it be Slag.. ? Probably not, but it's still nice and worth snagging Besides, who are you kidding You're a collector You want all of the Dinobots

(C) 2010 Jeremy W. Kaufmann 0026 amp;.?.. CollectionDX

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