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BioTo Brawn, Earth is essentially a hostile environment - and he loves it. Strong, rugged, agile - the most macho of all Autobots. Delights in challenges. Sorry for those not as tough as himself. Second strongest Autobot - can lift 190,000 pounds and knock down a small building with one punch. High resistance to artillery fire. Vulnerable to attack by electromagnetic waves.
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Brawn Images
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Brawn Toy Information
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Brawn Parts List
Additional Brawn parts info:Did not come with any parts.
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Brawn Review
-Submitted by: mag jr.Brawn is only the second TF I ever had, so Ive got some fond memories of pretending that Optimus had sent him out on a recon mission by himself (given the odd nature of my toybox, this meant running into a Stormtrooper or Cobra figure, since I didnt have any Decepticons for quite a while). Ive got a different Brawn now, but it brought back some fun times when I got him. Vehicle Mode Like the other early first-year minicars, Brawn is a superdeformed version of a real-world vehicle (probably a Jeep Cherokee or a Land Rover; I cant quite place it). He does have more detail sculpted in than one might expect--a luggage rack; a spare tire (on his roof, very offroad-ish--expect to see him trekking through the middle of nowhere any day now); a chrome grill piece; fog lights mounted above his windshield; a fuel can on the rear bumper; and some sort of black engine-cover piece on the hood. His doors, side windows, and running boards are also sculpted. Aside from a hint of orange on his bumpers, Brawn is entirely black and dark green, with dark green predominating. Hes just over two inches long and about an inch and a quarter wide, like Bumblebee and Cliffjumper. His tires are plastic, with the rivets having a design on them to make them look like hubcaps or bare wheels (nice touch). One note: A lot of Brawns (including the one I used to have) have a rubsign on the door panel. Considering the way most kids play with their vehicle toys (fingers on the sides, pushing them around), and the way he transforms, look for it to have been damaged, or even peeled off (there may still be glue residue on the plastic, but a gentle application of isopropyl alcohol or a very gentle application of WD-40 can get it off without damaging the plastic). Overall, Brawn is a fun little car, and a decent match for the larger TFs in terms of detail. Transform to Robot Mode 1. Pull the side pieces down to form his legs (make sure to push them up if you want him to stand properly). 2. Pull the door panels out to the side, then flip out his arms and adjust the panels so they point straight back. Youre done. Robot Mode Brawn may not have the most complex transform ever (although it does have an extra step over that of Gears and many early Gobot/Machine Robo toys), but hes a neat looking little bot. Thanks to his transform, he has four points of articulation--two for his legs and two for his arms, and you can also adjust the door panels, but since they dont serve any purpose in this mode, it would be a bit much to add them in. You can pose him standing up, or have him sit, which is unique for an 84 Transformer. Brawn also has a much different appearance in this mode--this is where the orange comes into play, as his whole chest/torso section is orange, with decals to add detail (a faction symbol on his chest underneath some lines which could be vents, plus two more colorful decals lower down which add a little blue, red, and black). His arms are also chrome vac-metal, which adds a little more spice, and his head is silver (with a black eyepiece). He also has a little sculpting here--a nice strap-like design on his upper chest (right underneath his head), and a belt- and short-like design for his lower torso. (Most people dont have dots imprinted on their shorts, but I dont know what else to call them.) The only odd part is wondering why Hasbro (or Bob Budiansky) made him so strong. Yes, he looks tough (even stern), but you wouldnt figure him to be one of the strongest Autobots with those little arms. Its not that he looks wimpy; quite the contrary. You just wonder where the machinery to support that kind of strength could be hiding. Final Word I still like Brawn a lot. Hes a cute little tough-guy toy, with a decently-detailed alt mode (especially for the time), and a good entry-level toy for people starting out on a G1 collection, since hes far more affordable than almost any of the others (with the possible exception of poor old Gears--maybe Gears needs a fan club), even in C-9 NM condition, costing about as much as a new deluxe, or less. Of course, if you have any interest in G1 and minicars, I really dont think you can go wrong with this toy either way.
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Brawn Cartoon / Movie Information
Appearances Generation 102 More Than Meets the Eye Part Two03 More Than Meets the Eye Part Three04 Transport to Oblivion05 Roll For It06 Divide and Conquer07 Fire In The Sky08 SOS Dinobots10 War of the Dinobots11 The Ultimate Doom Part One12 The Ultimate Doom Part Two13 The Ultimate Doom Part Three14 Countdown to Extinction15 A Plague of Insecticons16 Heavy Metal War17 Autobot Spike20 Attack of the Autobots22 The Immobilizer23 The Autobot Run24 Atlantis Arise26 Enter the Nightbird30 Dinobot Island Part One32 The Master Builders34 Microbots35 Megatrons Master Plan Part One36 Megatrons Master Plan Part Two37 Desertion of the Dinobots Part One38 Desertion of the Dinobots Part Two41 The Golden Lagoon44 Childs Play62 Starscreams Brigade65.5 Transformers The Movie Animated 1986
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Brawn Sounds
Brawn MP3 SoundsBrawn 5 Functional.mp3 (24.5 KB)Brawn_Can_Chat_Kick_Pigiron.mp3 (44.5 KB)Brawn_Cliffjumper_Go_Round.mp3 (91.8 KB)Brawn_Decepticons.mp3 (23.7 KB)Brawn_Stick_It_Optic_Sensors.mp3 (45.7 KB)
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Brawn Comic Book Information
Marvel AppearancesMarvel US AppearancesTransformers 1 - The TransformersTransformers 2 - Power Play!Transformers 3 - Prisoner Of War!Transformers 4 - The Last StandTransformers 5 - The New OrderTransformers 9 - Dis-Integrated Circuits!Transformers 10 - The Next Best Thing To Being There!Transformers 11 - Brainstorm!Transformers 12 - Prime Time!Transformers 41 - Totaled!Transformers 50 - The Underbase Saga Part 4 - Dark Star
Marvel Overview Brawn is considered to be the strongest of all the Autobots. He can lift up to 190,000 lbs. and his endurance and resistance to artillery fire are among the highest of the Autobots. His strength is only matched by his courage. And although he may be vulnerable to electromagnetic waves, he will always be first in line for a fight with the Decepticons.
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Additional Brawn Resources
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Might over microchips.
Brawn Tech Specs
Tags: Brawn Minibots
Base information for character / toy Brawn.
Japanese NameGong
Japanese Number14
MottoMight over microchips.
Tech Specs chart for Brawn.
Information related specifically to the toy.
Release Date 1984
Assortment #Minicars Assortment1 (#5700), Minicars w/minispy (#5709) , Minicars Assortment2 (#5710)
Product #5705E, 5705E, 5705E
Per Case4, 4, 1
Re-IssuesFun4All Keychains Brawn, Basic Fun Keychains Brawn, 7-11 Keychains Gong
Recolors / ReusesGeneration 1 Outback, 7-11 Black Gong
Brawn toy parts information.
Figure TypeTruck
Figure ColorGreen
Info about Brawn in the Transformers cartoons or movies.
Voice ActorCorey Burton

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