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Transformers Subscription Figure 40 - Windsweeper

Transformers Subscription Figure 40 - Windsweeper


Windsweeper is a Decepticon to the darkest core of his Spark. As malicious and cruel as he is to any Autobot that he encounters, Windsweeper is even more vile when he finds a Decepticon with weakened resolve. Long-range infrared scanners sensitive enough to locate the smallest scrap of evidence allows Windsweeper to be an exceedingly effective tracker, although he prefers all-out aerial combat in which he can meticulously sweep the skies “clean” of all enemy combatants. When combined with the other members of the Mayhem Attack Squad, Windsweeper contributes this animus to the gestalt mind, which gives the resulting beast a thorough hatred of anything and anyone on the battlefield.Deluxe Class Windsweeper action figure is equipped for extermination. Carrying a double-barreled “laser” cannon and a hand-held lock-target missile launcher, Windsweeper is a scourge to all Autobots. In just a few steps, Windsweeper can convert from robot to plane mode, and then turn into a limb for the mighty Mayhem Attack Squad combiner figure! Image depicts early mock-up. Final figure may vary.

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