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col. miles quaritch
  • col. miles quaritch
  • col. miles quaritch
  • col. miles quaritch
  • col. miles quaritch
  • col. miles quaritch
  • col. miles quaritch
  • col. miles quaritch

col. miles quaritch

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Col. Miles Quaritch is a character in the upcoming movie "Avatar" by legendary director James Cameron. I'm not sure of his role in the film, but judging by his scars I 'd say he is the bad guy of the film.



The toy is in 3 3/4 scale, making him compatible with Star Wars, GI Joe and other like action figures.


The main gimmick here is that the figure comes with a stand that doubles as a chip for the "Augemented Reality" feature. Load the software from the website and place the iTag in front of your webcam and a 3d model is projected. While the AMP suit projected a model of a suit, the Quaritch tag projects the image of a hover vehicle. It's a neat effect, and honestly, the figure is secondary to this gimmick.

But the figure is not bad, just average.

< img src = "http://www.collectiondx.com/gallery2/gallery/d/492529-4/PB044607.jpg" width = "480" height = "640" class = "giThumbnail" alt = "PB044607.jpg" /> Articulation is good, but not stellar. The figure has a swivel neck, swivel waist, ball jointed shoulders, bend and swivel elbows, Legs that move both forward and out, swivel and bend knees and ankles. It's pretty good, but lacks some crucial articulation that competing figures have. For one, why no ball joint in the neck? The simple swivel really limits movement. Also, the figure could benefit from a torso joint, a feature that is now the rule, not the exception for figures in this price range.




Col. Miles Quaritch's only accessory is his gun, made of soft pliable rubber he can hold the gun in either hand, but the gun can not store in the holster, which is a solid molded piece


The only reason to get this figure is to sit him in the AMP suit, which he pilots. As a toy, the figure is boring. The iTag feature is fun, and people will likely get him just to have the tag to complete their collection . But for kids -. unless this character is STELLAR in the movie, they will likely be disappointed

It's like getting Lobot or an Imperial Officer when you wanted Boba Fett

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