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stone wing
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  • stone wing
  • stone wing
  • stone wing
  • stone wing
  • stone wing
  • stone wing
  • stone wing

stone wing

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The Enthusiast

Let's get this out of the way:? The Stone Wing looks like, ah, how to put this delicately The stone wing looks as if it would be more at home in an outhouse than a toybox. If you can get past that, this is a terrific toy.

The same absurd premise of the Rock Lords affects the Stone Wing. If we're imagining such a thing as an animate rock- monster, that's fine. But what on earth would inspire a rock monster to build an aircraft out of rock? If the rock monsters have enough understanding of physics and engineering to build a jet-powered flying machine, you'd think that they'd avoid rock as a building material. Is it because they're made of rock? Humans do not build flesh bicycles just because we're made of meat.

You need to suspend disbelief and just accept the Stone Wing for what it is: a heavy, fun, dung-shaped rock spaceship

The stone wing has two configurations, a ground vehicle and an aircraft

stone wing car front 1

stone wing car back

Transformation to aircraft mode is simple and intuitive. You rotate the spring-mounted wheel-base ninety degrees, pull out the concealed wings from the fuselage, rotate the wheels up, and pull down the landing gear.

 stone wing air front

stone wing air back 2

 stone wing air back

As I said, this thing is heavy. Far heavier than you'd expect for a gobot vehicle (my bathroom scale says 1.6 pounds). It's as heavy, or heavier, than most Popynica. There has to be some non-visible metal somewhere, because the visible pieces do not account for the heft. Visible diecast consists of landing gear struts, wheel / engine struts and the battering ram arm.

 stone wing underside

The battering ram is activated by pressing a button on the fuselage.

stone wing ram

A concealed missile placement opens from the rear

 stone wing detail missile

The swirled ABS plastic used throughout is pretty unique. I've only seen it used on the Rock Lords.

 stone wing air side

This is a finely crafted and high quality toy, and worth picking up if you are into the Rock Lords or unusual toys.

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