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captain phasma
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captain phasma

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Prior to the new Star Wars film, THE FORCE AWAKENS had opened, Captain Phasma had been positioned to be the new bad-ass of the Star Wars universe. Her visage dominated marketing material, and her toy releases had been extremely sought after.

Played by Game of Thrones star Gwendolyn Christie, Phasma had all the makings of a legendary character on par with Boba Fett.

Then the movie came out.

Captain Phasma had maybe four scenes in the movie, and I don't think she shot her weapon once. She didn't fight. She just sort of stood there and barked orders and looked cool. At the end of the movie, she caved in too quickly and her decisions ultimately led to the victory of the Resistance. So much for that.

Now that's not to say she won't be cooler in the additional installments, but my excitement for this character greatly died down after seeing the movie.

As for the toy...

This is the simple 5 points of articulation figure released with "Mission Gear" that does not appear in the film. The stand shown is not included.

P9200412.jpg P9200413.jpg

The figure looks fine. The silver plastic used to mold the figure has a slight metallic tint, but it also has some swirls in it where the color didn't quite settle. Phasma should be Chrome plated, much like the old Death Star Droid. Not Matte. But Hasbro hasn't been able to quite nail that yet.


The cape is molded well, but mine had a big red splotch on the side. Cheap toys = worse QC.


The gun fits well in the hand, and it also mounts on Phasma's side.

P9200418.jpg P9200420.jpg P9200421.jpg

And then there's this thing. It's like a hedge trimmer. Apparently it can combine with other weapons in the series, but after Phasma I decided to largely focus on the Black Series for the Force Awakens. Into the parts bin it goes.

P9200422.jpg P9200422.jpg P9200424.jpg

Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad figure - it has a very vintage feel to it, but I just am not as excited about the character after seeing the movie.

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