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dack ralter
  • dack ralter
  • dack ralter
  • dack ralter
  • dack ralter
  • dack ralter
  • dack ralter
  • dack ralter
  • dack ralter
  • dack ralter

dack ralter

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Poor Dack.

Imagine you are a rebel fighter pilot, and you just got stationed to Echo Base on Hoth. It's a crappy planet in the middle of nowhere , it's cold as hell, and the Tauntauns keep crapping in the hangar bay.

Then, in an instant, the Empire finds Echo Base, and launches an attack with these long-legged walker things. You get the call, get to your fighter. You're assuming the rear gunner position in one of the modified snow speeders. Finally, some action.

Then, your pilot arrives. Who is it? None other than THE HERO OF THE F * CKING REBELLION -..? LUKE SKYWALKER That's right, the dude who blew up the DEATH STAR, is flying your ship Is the Force with you or what

You feel like you can take on the whole Empire now.

So you're out there, flying around, feeling like you are on top of the world. Then, all of a sudden, BAM, you get a blaster in your face. It all goes dark.

Minutes later, it's cold. The cockpit is open. You can not move. You can not speak. You hear clanking and the ground is shaking. You scream to Luke. He knows the Force, he can just Force you out or something, right? Maybe use his lightsaber to cut you out of the wreckage? He has to feel you alive with the Force, right? You can hear Luke fumbling around in the cockpit. You think he is trying to rescue you, but in reality he is looking for the electromagnetic grappling hook. Luke rolls away, and you are crushed under the foot of an Imperial AT-AT.

At least, that's how it played out in my snow covered yard in 1983.

I've wanted a Dack figure since I got my original Kenner Snowspeeder. At the time, all you had was Luke in his X-wing outfit, and you have to use two of those to fill both seats. You pretended one was Dack. I mean, the figures were kind of generic, looking neither like Luke or Dack.

It is in this Vintage Line that you get a Dack figure that actually looks like someone.

First of all, how great is it to see vintage-style card backs on the shelves after all of these years? I feel like a kid again. It's been great to see modern or neglected characters making appearances on these old-style cards, as if they had been released years ago.



Dack is a great figure. Great sculpt, great accessories, great articulation. He includes a removable helmet, pistol, and rifle.



< img src = "http://www.collectiondx.com/gallery2/gallery/d/554688-3/PB288288.jpg" width = "480" height = "640" class = "giThumbnail" alt = "PB288288.jpg" />



The articulation is the standard vintage collection style, with most all joints moving the way you want. The only exception is the swivel hips -. Hasbro really needs to make ball jointed hips standard



Another great feature is all the extra molded detail in the flight suit. The straps and neck pillow are all separate parts.


The stand is not included.

The Vintage Collection features some of the best Star Wars figures in years. Right now they even include the mail-away Rocket-Firing Boba Fett offer.

If you've been skipping Star Wars figures, now is the time to jump back in. It's never been better.

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