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The Enthusiast

MASK was Kenner's shameless attempt to exploit the popularity of both the Transformers and GI Joe. The story pitted a diverse team of quasi-militant do-gooders (the titular Mobile Armored Strike Kommand ) against a shadowy organization of evil snake enthusiasts (VENOM, or Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem).

Though clearly opposed to one another's goals, both teams shared a predilection for groan-inducing acronyms, elaborate helmets (or MASKS- get it?) and seemingly normal vehicles (including a red semi truck) with the ability to transform into battle machines.

The less said about the cartoon the better. It was okay.

< / object>

The toys were sweet. My impression is that Kenner always did better with vehicles than figures. Its Star Wars ships and playsets were always beautifully done, but the figures were uninspired. So MASK really played to Kenner's strengths. < / p>

The boxes were top notch, with striking paintings and tons of photographs and feature shots.

 rhino box front

 rhino box back

 rhino box bottom

 rhino box top

 rhino box sides

. Rhino was the largest and coolest of the first wave of MASK toys I dearly coveted this piece as a child

In its default configuration, Rhino is a healthy fourteen inches long;. it's a solid beast of a toy .

 rhino side 2

Lavish chrome details abound. All of the plastic is sharply molded. The tires are heavy rubber, and pristine even after twenty-five years. Rhino would be a success if it were just a toy truck, but it is so much more.

 rhino side 1

 rhino figs 2

The set comes with two figures. They are smallish, only barely articulated, and come with unique soft rubber helmets.

 rhino figs 1

They are fine, but they are totally beside the point. The point of this toy is cool action features.

Two features are actuated by discreet chrome button at the rear of the cab.


The left button releases the spring-loaded grille and bumper as a kind of battering ram.

 rhino ram

The right button activates the spring-loaded ejector seat at the passenger side, flinging a figure out the door. It's pretty cool, and remarkably effective.

 rhino ejector

The smokestacks can be turned horizontal to become cannons.

rhino smokestack

A rear section of the truck snaps out to become a separate vehicle, complete with a rocking suspension and cockpit.

< p> rhino detach

rhino car

The sleeper section of the cab slides towards the rear to reveal a rocket launcher and control room. You can shoot the rocket high into the air with a lever on the back of the cab. The control room has some nice details.

 rhino sleeper

 rhino sleeper 2

< p> Rhino is a marvel of engineering and quality, with miles of play value.

 rhino set

The concept may be hackneyed, but the MASK line produced some of the finest . American toys ever

"But Enthusiast," you say "Where are the robots All I see are two guys in helmets -? er, I mean, MASKS.". Fine I give you young Scott. Trakker and T-Bob!



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