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nirvash type zero
  • nirvash type zero
  • nirvash type zero
  • nirvash type zero
  • nirvash type zero
  • nirvash type zero
  • nirvash type zero
  • nirvash type zero
  • nirvash type zero

nirvash type zero

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Eureka Seven is one of the representatives of the new mecha pantheon. Much like how Macross and Gundam represent 80's mecha, shows like Code Geass and Eureka Seven represent giant robots for the twenty-first century. And just like their forbears, modern mecha show have a star robot that catches the eye and captures the imagination. For Eureka 7, it is the Nirvash Type Zero. As the literal sine qua non for all robots (LFOs) in Eureka 7, it is no ordinary machine. It possesses a spirit far beyond a normal LFO, as it shares a bond with the mysterious girl named Eureka.

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The Robot Spirits figure for the Nirvash Type Zero follows in the wake of several other Side LFO figures such as its upgraded form, the Type Zero Spec 2, and various other such LFOs like the dual Spearheads and the Nirvash Type THE END. Like all Robot Spirits figures, it is a high quality action figure that aims to capture the "spirit" of the animated character.

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The overall form of Shoji Kawamori's original design is expertly captured in this figure. The LFO itself is a very lithe form filled with personality. With a solid body and stiff joints, this Nirvash feels great in the hands and begs to be played with.

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True to the series, the Nirvash has very few weapons. If comes with two boomerang knives, which can be placed on the shoulders or in a set of the appropriate hands.

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Also included is a gigantic (and very Gundam-esque) beam rifle. This character item shows up in a flashback and was probably included to justify" Military Use "Tamashii Web exclusive version. Still, it is a neat weapon and has many details like a power cable and moving fore-grip.

 IMG_4824  IMG_4836

Naturally the Nirvash comes with its signature Lef Board, which is used to ride the trapar particles that permeate the world of Eureka 7. A pair of fold-out pegs help secure the Nirvash to its board, and thanks to a stylized particle wave base, the figure can hang ten on your desk without the immediate need for a Tamashii Stage.

Sadly, there is one glaring omission from this figure and that is its inability to assume the Nirvash's car mode. To some, this may be a deal breaker as the previous Robot Spirits Type Zero Spec 2 included parts to allow the toy to transform. I believe this omission was done for the sake of simplicity as the Type Zero comes with far fewer parts than the Type Zero Spec 2. While I am not too bothered by it, a part of me weeps for the ability to recreate hangar scenes where the Nirvash is being a moody car.


Overall, the Robot Spirits Nirvash Type Zero is an excellent, straight-forward figure. So if you're a fan of the show or simply intrigued by the design, this is a toy that's worth checking out.

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